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Andrew Sherman

Growing up in the Appalachian mountains of central Pennsylvania has allowed me to gain an enormous appreciation for the outdoors and nature. I have since relocated to Philadelphia to take in the city vibe and get a taste for the fast paced lifestyle that comes with it, but no matter how much i surround myself with the urban lifestyle, i find myself more and more fascinated with nature and all that stems from it.

My career as a master barber in center city has inspired me to push myself further then i thought i would by examining this field of study with a modern eye and envisioning the potential that lies within it. I have grown immensely in this area and have been satisfied that I actually enjoy what I do for a living.

Along side of my career, I spend most of my time trying to get back into nature, just looking for an adventure. Most of the time i'm backpacking, hiking, or camping, but i'm always up for anything in the backcounrty.

I also love to read and study fascinating subjects, most of the time being slightly esoteric or scientific. I have a strong passion for knowledge that interests me, and a love to share it with people who would be interested by it.