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ayexa s

HELLO THERE!. I am 24 years old with bs. honors in psychology. i enjoy writing and reading as much as i enjoy eating,and boy,do i love eating! i have done some ghostwriting projects before and am confident that i will only serve you with best quality and strive to reach my absolute potential,for I am still far from ideal.

Apart from that,I love psychology and am particularly interested in child psychology and forensic psychology.oh the thrill of unwinding the mind of criminal is everything! Maybe that is why i love Sydney Sheldon.

Also I am a pathetic cat lover and am an owner of six year old persian cat,who hates humans as much as we humans do! So i have first hand knowledge about cats too.

I am also a hopeless korean drama addict and seeing those dramas has proven to me that imagination needs no boundries,as long as it is entertaining.

Of course, no girl is complete without make up addiction,and with kdrama,i also got addicted to korean beauty. I try regularly many of their products(my empty wallet is the proof) and can rave on and on about them. I also regularly challenge myself with special effects make up(i will link my insta). though not perfect,i still share with others to show them that nobody is perfect at first and you should be just confident about yourself.

I can talk about myself more I guess,but that would be very boring and unentertaining. I will just show you what i am capable of.