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Melody Collins

Volunteering with the Center for Dissease Control was a new door that opened up many opportunities. I was thrilled to be learning new ideas about health and community management.

Along the journey, I was connected to a community outreach program that was in desperate need of volunteers. It was difficult to find people who were willing to provide services to those with infestations.

My heart went out to communities and families impacted by these blood suckers. That is why investigate be bugs, and why I have done so for many years.

What I have Learned on This Journey

Through communication with landlords, tenants, neighbors, homeowners and contacts at the community outreach organizations, I have had a chance to study bed bugs in-depth and directly from the battle front. I have watched as the bed bug epidemic has spread through so many communities, and see how devastating infestations can be for entire neighborhoods.

I learned anyone can get bed bugs. Bed bugs are like incubuses and succubus; infestations can feel like they suck the life right out of you. People need honest resources to help them through the battle.

I also learned there are people who would put greed over what is actually best for the consumer. I strive to provide accurate information and reviews so that consumers won't be misled by the gimmicks of those who lack financial morality.

Since then I joined the Medical Reserves Corps, an agency that addresses the communities health needs during large-scale emergencies.

Why I created These Hubs

There are many choices that need to be made, but many people have little guidance and a lack of knowledge about bed bugs. I hope to provide information that can help readers become fully educated about bed bugs. Armed with information, it becomes easier to cope with bed bug eradication.

Here you can look at photos of bed bugs and bed bug bites, learn how to prevent and eliminate bed bugs and explore some of the social, psychological and emotional issues that tag along with bed bugs.