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Bronwen Scott-Branagan

My husband, who was an Anglican priest, our family of five children and I, have lived in several different towns and countries. We began our working lives as primary school teachers and later studied together at George Brown Missionary Training College in Sydney. We also studied to be Lay Preachers. I have taught at all levels from preschool to university and retired from preaching after fifty years.

My degrees are in education, School Librarianship, Theology and Psycholinguistics, and Applied Linguistics (ESL/EFL).

Church activities: Service Leader and volunteer teaching ESL.

Hobbies: Writing, painting in a variety of media, gardening, knitting, embroidery, travel, and catching up with children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, friends and relatives.

Please Note: All printed and photographed material of mine is not to be reproduced and, without my explicit written permission, remains my copyright property.

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Books available for sale: I have published twenty-three books so far. My latest is in response to a question from a neighbour. I couldn't find one that she thought answered her question, so told her I'd write one. Hopefully it will be helpful to others and I know it was a good thing to think more about for me, too. The title is 'Do You Love God?'

HubPages: This site is great fun. I recommend it. You can join by clicking here: