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Chavelle Ann-Marie Murray

Highly philosophical and creative by nature are two terms that best describes my personality. I am a persistent individual who enjoys writing and pretty much exercising my imaginative abilities. I enjoy writing and I am always seeking for new ways to improve my writing skills.

I enjoy writing on subjects that I will more than likely hold discussions about almost everyday, such as: celebrities, fashion and beauty, computer gadgets and boys!

In an essence, hosting this hubber profile is a way of adding balance to my life. All work and no play make Jill a dull girl. Writing has always been a hobby that I enjoy to the fullest, maybe because I don’t write to be impressive but rather expressive and I am amazed at the many opportunities available via the web that allows individuals to write for fun.

I hope one day soon, I can enjoy the successes of being an experienced web writer and being able to pass on sound advice to novices entering the web writing world.