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Dani Norris

I was born in St Louis, MO but spent most of my life in and around Dallas,Texas. I am the oldest of six kids and my mother homeschooled all of us, until my senior year in Highschool. After that I went on to start my bachelors at Baylor University, before deciding to better myself with a successful career in the Navy.

Despite being in the Military, I have always valued individualism and the freedom of expression. Since I was a child I loved to write and tell stories, and spent my free time crafting. Now as an adult, I still find time to express myself through art and craft.

My main topics that I am interested in and will be writing about are natural hair, being a woman in the navy, and fitness. I am constantly learning about these topics and would love to share my findings and feelings about these topics. I love to write, and hope that others find as much joy in reading my writings as I do creating them.