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I have been in the Luggage & Gift business since 1978.  Our company started as a luggage repair and luggage replacement vendor to the airline industry. Today we offer a diverse selection of luggage, business & computer cases, travel accessories, personal leather goods, pens, desk accessories, jewelry boxes, and engravable gifts for the home or office.

I am an active board member of the Travel Goods Association (TGA) and have served on the board and held officer positions in the National Luggage Dealers Association (NLDA).  I am a Subject Matter Expert for the TGA in the development of the Travel Goods Specialist Program.  A program that allows anybody in the Travelgoods Industry to become a specialist knowledgeable about different types of travelers and what products and information will best meet their needs.  In general I have a passion for travel and appreciate practical designs that make travel functional yet fashionable!