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Amy D.

I never know how to start an intro, and if there isn't something to save me, like someone being hungry, or a dirty diaper, or the need for a refiree, I will sit here and obsess about it for hours, researching the perfect way to…. start an intro. Type, delete, type some more, delete, try it again….type……sigh. Hell with it,  let’s go see what’s on Ebay to buy.  Well, that’s usually how it goes lol. 

My name is Amy, better known around here as MOOOOOOOMMM or HEY! But I picked Holyjeans to go by on here because the only thing that’s ripped about me... is my jeans.. I am a stay at home Mom of 4 kids including 3 boys who are 11, 12 and 14 as well as a 2 year old little girl. I sometimes wonder what God was thinkin’ making me a mother because I don’t come even close to deserving such great kids. 

Around here it’s  pretty much all about homework, football, lots of sibling rivalry, stinky feet and boys body odor (yea I know…ew)  I bought stock in Febreeze.  During the course of the last year, I’ve managed to successfully become a complete homebody.  My social circle includes my kids, my boyfriend, anyone who comes by (this would be my sister, the occasional insurance salesman, oh and my Schwan’s man Murphy twice a month) and I talk to myself, probably a little more than is healthy. 

Some things I enjoy doing are scrapbooking, crocheting, reading magazines (my attention span doesn’t allow me to read a whole book most times), I love playing tennis, but haven’t in a while, taking pictures and playing around with photoshop and I love watching football.  My favorite team is the Vikings and Brett Favre is my all time favorite, no matter what anyone says.  I collect strange things, like boxes, just plain cardboard boxes, magazines, information….there’s a joke around here about the number of notebooks I have filled with useless information.  If I have a thought, or an idea, I write it down on whatever I can find…spiral, post its, the dry board on the fridge,  the memo app on my phone, it’s a really bad habit, but a legal one, okay.

So I'm  happy you came to visit.  I can’t promise you that at some point you won’t be offended, bored, pissed off, or any other negative emotion I may evoke  with any of my hubs, but I can promise this, they are all true, all me, and all over the place.

If you like to crochet, be sure to check out my patterns for my Christmas stocking, my Fall Inspired Baby Blanket, as well as a new Christmas Stocking pattern that I will be listing this week.