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Ishwaryaa Dhandapani

Hi! I am Ishwaryaa. I joined Hubpages as I love writing articles on different topics and my experiences of life.

I am humbled and honored when two of my hubs titled 'How to Create Easy Handmade and Reusable Diwali Floor Decorations' and 'How to practise glass painting on everyday glass objects in a simple manner' were awarded the Hub of the Day on November 13, 2012 and March 29, 2015 respectively. Thank you for the encouragement and honor!

My other areas of interest are jewelry-designing, reading books, watching films, creating crafts and handiwork, home interiors, cooking, dancing, astrology, travelling & interacting with friendly people.

I had worked in a reputed company and gained insights in the fields of advertising and web-design.

I also completed the course in jewelry-designing with a dream of becoming an established jewelry-designer. I too have done a stint in photoshop and illustrator to further polish my jewelry-designing skills. Additionally, interior-decorating/home-decor is on my list of life-ambitions.

I love discovering new things and I patronize many talents and wonderful things in life. Happy Hubbing! Cheers!

Hubpages is the website where you can showcase your creative writing and at the same time you learn from others! If you are interested, join now and enjoy your writing career here!

My hubs are strictly copyrighted. Never copy my hubs!

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