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Ann Leavitt

If I were to tell you the one driving energy behind all that I strive for, it is to please my Head and King, Christ Jesus. This means that I understand every sphere of life to exist by and for God, and to be governed by His principles as laid out in the Word of God. I write about books, theology, business, decorating, how to write and teach writing, international real estate, cooking, social and cultural issues, philosophy, crafts, travel, and anything else I like to think about: all from the view of life that believes that the entire universe is being put under submission to God by His conquering Son, Jesus Christ. It's a joyful, hopeful life because I know it's not all about me!

Practical experiences include being homeschooled and discipled by loving, wise parents, completing a bachelor's of Christian Education/Communications through a small Bible school, editing some local newsletters and books, teaching English and writing to grade school and high school for six years, serving my family through making my home the workstation central of my energies and talents, serving my church, and volunteering for a local home school organization.

I am currently working on a research/book project on the Protestant Reformers and their marriages and families, which you can read about on my blog: I am also the manager of a new business venture called Lilywinkel: the Bridal Blossom Shop ( We design and sell artificial bridal bouquets and wedding floral arrangements.

Hope you enjoy browsing my articles! My favorite is one I wrote as a personal confession about learning to Honor My Father, but the articles that consistently bring the most visitors are Castles for Sale in Ireland and Blue and White Room Decorating. The one that was just a lot of fun to write was Oxford Comma Fans Unite! and that's a favorite as well. Feedback is always appreciated, and I try to reply to direct messages.