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John Tsang

Once upon a time, I thought of becoming an academic. But after spending a whole decade in college and completing three degrees, I discovered that life in a university setting doesn't really suit me.

I changed course, but then found out that life as an employee in a cubicle in some office building just doesn't do it for. I took a step back to reflect on life and its many twists and turns after two false starts. That's when I decided I needed to return to my roots and go back to doing what I enjoy the most.

I started working in my family business as a child and realized that creating something out of nothing is what's most fascinating to me. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that one can create where there is nothing. Whether it's starting/running a new business or growing plants/livestock, I have and continue to engage in different ventures using my science and business background.

Writing articles also involves making something from scratch. The purpose of these articles is primarily to add to the list of things that I have created and to share some of the information that I have accumulated in life, which hopefully might prove useful to people looking to learn.