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College student's wallet, trust fund baby spending habits. Does anyone else wandering the planet struggle with a similar dilemma? I find myself drooling with hunger on my keyboard as I scroll through the latest trends in fashion, home decor, (and yes actual food) on sites like pinterest, tumblr, or even facebook on a good day. Why can't there be a special place just for less than financially comfortable 20-somethings. A place that had all of these wonderfully overvalued things, yet the price tags of a local thrift shop (Macklemore anyone?). Well, during my deep depression and realization that I had about 5 bucks to my name, I began to do some research. Was it possible to make your own studded hand bag out of used materials as opposed to buying a $100 one from Urban Outfitters? Or could a few stiches to a swimsuit take it from Walmart sag to Victoria Secret bombshell? The answer is yes. Heck yes, actually. I have found my hidden talent, turning cheap shit (excuse my French but it was needed) into something appearing of celebrity value. Everything from clothing to home decorations to accessories for your dog. I'm on a mission to make life for us college kids a little less "One more Keg stand!!" and a little more "Waiter, we'd like another bottle of your finest Pinot noir".