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Susan Ream

Welcome Friends and Visitors.

Valuable life lessons are most often learned through the fire. Much of my writing features insights gained through the messes of life. God never wastes a hurt and He is faithful to work ALL things together for our good.

I have been writing most of my life but only recently published my first book on kindle. The title of my book is My Son His Son. I would relish your feedback should you take the time to read it:

Most of my life my #1 calling has been as a Pastor's Wife. I have worn many hats throughout the years. To name a few, I have been a teen leader (I LOVE TEENS), a Sunday School teacher, a director for childrens Christmas programs (uncovering raw talent), led Bible studies for women, set up a M.O.P.S. (mothers of preschoolers) program, created a program called Sunny Seniors to minister to the elderly, served with my husband to create a couples Bible study and spent many hours as counselor. I have also worked as a nutritional specialist and behavior counselor with Nutrisystem. My interests are varied and if you've viewed my hubs you will see that reflected in the topics on my page.

My writers name is Mekenzie. My real life name is Susan Ream. Writing is a passion for me. There is so much power in the pen and I strive to move, motivate, teach, encourage, celebrate, create and share life through carefully chosen words.

I have featured social sites I am active on to the right of this profile. I hope you will take a moment to connect with me there too. :) Here is one more called Brand Yourself:

Should you connect with one of my hubs; I would be honored if you left your thoughts. I always respond. May God's Comfort and Grace walk you through your days.

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