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I'm a mom, a wife and an aspiring writer.  I enjoy writing and reading all kinds of literature.  

I have many interests that don't only stick to one genre.  I love watching movies and critiquing them, I consider myself somewhat of a movie buff and my reviews are mostly on point.  I love home improvement projects, not so much doing them but watching them on TV (ha, ha).  Gossip magazines are my weakness and hidden obsession.  I often indulge in my sinful pleasure; ice cream and I enjoy cooking for my family.

Mom of two, step-mom to two more, I feel I have a lot of points and advice to those moms who are struggling with divorce, getting families to blend and trying to answer difficult questions such as "Mommy, why can't I take my stuffies and books to my Dad's house?"  Ah, if only the answer was as simple as a sentence.

Often opinionated and funny, I still manage to take people's feelings into account and seldom offend anyone directly.  My 7th grade gym teacher's words still echo in my mind nearly 14 years later after I asked to use the bathroom 5 minutes before class actually started, "Steph, you are so self conscience."  That I am!

So read on and enjoy the ups, the downs, the occasional trivial, and the random.  

Comments are always welcomed, advice is taken to heart and criticisms get :P (ha, ha)

Happy Reading!!