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Zelda Oldenbuzz has always been an avid collector.  As her interests turned toward books, she came across some rare volumes about beauty and skin care. 

She saw that many old approaches and formulations are being recycled and even touted as “new.”  She found it curious that some people pay so much for skin and hair care products nearly identical to affordable homemade and handcrafted products of the past. She also noticed that the ways of past times, when people had little else to use but what they grew on their farm or bought at the neighborhood store, are now recognized for being sustainable and green. 

Zelda enjoys passing along her discoveries on her web site ( almost as much as she likes sitting on the overstuffed chair in the parlor poring through her collection of antiquarian skin and hair care books.  To her, it doesn’t matter if a beauty secret is shared through old books or the Internet.