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SP Greaney

S.P. Greaney has a degree in finance and has worked in the financial as well as the retail sector for many years. She is currently working in the healthcare sector which is challenging but also fulfilling.

Her passion for writing came about in 2011 when she returned to university to further her studies and she discovered that she loved the aspect around researching, writing and sharing knowledge with others.

She plans to share her knowledge around certain health issues, her ongoing experiences of learning how to grow stuff in her garden as well as things she learned after returning to university.

She also likes to stay on top of what is happening in the technological sector and while she is not an expert in this particular field, she loves to learn and share the experiences she has dealing with technological issues in her own household.

Over the years, she has adopted many pets and you will find articles around pet accessories as well as health issues that cats and rabbits are prone to.

In her spare time, she enjoys baking and cooking and shares some recipes so others can enjoy trying out new recipes in their own free time.

If you have similar interests to her and want to read more in relation to these topics then please follow her for upcoming articles.