Sheryl Willetts


My name is Sheryl Willetts & I am a passionate creative energy who loves to write and loose myself in art. As a child, my passions began with astrology & beauty. Who knew then how I would bring the two together, however I have! My life changed around 17 years ago when I moved state, my marriage failed & my body literally broke down. I needed something more in life! I needed help! This is when my journey really began. I started with an amazing therapist which lead me to alternate healing modalities to assist me to rebuild myself. In a nutshell, it's "Taking the road less travelled!" While my journey continues, I now live a much healthier, happier life, living more authentically, organically & clean. I found that it's all about getting to know "who you are?" & "what drives you!" I have followed my intuition & creativity to turn my passion into working with myself, alongside others, who wish to improve their quality of life, internally which changes their external world. The qualifications that I have obtained in hair/beauty/makeup are the external factors. I apply my knowledge & experience to teach others on how to enhance their own unique features, as the real value lies within. The astrology is applied as the navigational tool. I have a great desire for delving into the pyschological process of the mind, body, spirit, to explore unchartered areas where others dare not go or speak of. The journey is self discovery, self care & self expression, while living authentically. My other passions include art, drawing, learning other languages, traveling to different cultures, clean living for the planet, yoga/meditation, zumba, beach walks, sunsets, personal growth & romance novels. I am very much a romantic at heart. I currently live in Australia & frequently travel to the USA as I love to travel & have fun.