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Sienna May


My name is Sienna May... Being a creative energy, I have a passion for writing and loosing myself in art-and am truly a romantic at heart.

As a child, my passions began gazing at the stars, food, & the nature of beauty. Hence, why I am now an Astrologer, and Health-Beauty Therapist. My work will take you on a journey from the inside-out. "Taking the road less travelled!" is my motto... I live a happy, healthy, and more authentic-organic life in the country. I have found that getting to know "who you are?" & "what drives you!" opens you passionately-creatively. I apply my knowledge & experience to teach and inspire others, on how to enhance their own creative-innate expression, with the emergence of their true values within. I have a great desire for delving into the unconscious realms of our own pyschological process, exploring unchartered areas where many dare not go nor speak off. I am controversial and love exposing the truth, creating conscious awarenes. The journey begins with self discovery, self care/love & self expression, while living authentically. My other passions include art, drawing, learning new languages, traveling to distant cultures, clean living for the planet, yoga/meditation, zumba, sunsets, personal growth & romance novels. I currently live in Australia,