Suranee Perera

Hello and thank you for stopping by to read my hubs.

My name is Suranee Perera and I'm a stay at home mom. I enjoy writing and my first published work on paperback was a story I did for the 'award winning author' MariJo Moore. 

I recently published a few Kindle books on Feng Shui and Gemstones and hope to continue writing more in the future. 

The books can be found at the Amazon Kindle Store and are titled:

Feng Shui for Wealth

Feng Shui For You and Your Home

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Neighbors

The Book Of Gemstones

How to Use Quartz Crystals for Protection and to Usher in Peace and Harmony

The Book of Curry Recipes

Tips on How to Prepare a Woman for an Orgasm

I also write at Bubblews, Expertscolumn and a few blogs on blogger.

I'm also on tsu the new social media site that pays its users. You can learn more about this cool site at

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