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Megan Carl - Mane Alternative

Originally from Minnesota, finally living near the mountains...a life-long dream.

With this fresh new outlook (and view), I have now re-opened my popular business, Mane Alternative. Started 20 years ago as a professional horse braiding and grooming business, it is getting a whole new face-lift to include custom sewn and unique stable accessories, braiding products, dog and cat clothing for the animal lovers; and fun hats, costumes and winter-wear for the humans.

I love to ride, braid and groom my rescued horses, design and sew unique and useful things for people to buy, and I love skiing.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and the natural teacher in me encourages me to write. My history includes coaching equitation to a national level and training horses, so I try to include light-hearted and fun, yet helpful articles for horse and animal lovers. And, at some point my children's books will be done.

In the meantime, please enjoy my Hubs. Feel free to subscribe as a follower; and if inspired enough to do so yourself, start your own HubPage here!

For more fun stuff, and to order personalized and custom embroidered gifts and awards, please visit my secure website !