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I just found hubpages and it looks like fun!  I am a proud Texas Aggie, bleed green for Marshall University and am into geology, music, politics,history and a host of other things.  Reading is one of my big interests - I love reading books about all the above and still love a lot of kid's books.  I also have always been fascinated by pocket knives.  Leatherworking is also a fascinating hobby!

I have been saved by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  My politics are hard-right conservative with libertarian leanings.  The United States Constitution is the best document ever written by man and, as the U.S. is a nation ruled by law and not men, deserves to be followed.  I love to  debate, learn, and find out new things. 

Welcome to my pages and I hope that you learn and enjoy and that I'll learn through you!

If you enjoy writing, definitely check out Hubpages!  Sign up here.