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Lisa Moffa

After browsing the Hubber's profiles and pages for a bit and learning more about Hubpages itself, I've started gaining a lot of insight from the writers and decided to give a shot too.

I've been a blogger for 8 1/2 yrs now and internet marketer since 2003 so I've seen the rise of social media come to fruition as a web fan. A site like this seems to be about writing all about our multi-faceted strengths or specialties and earning something for it. I like that, monetizing is always a great thing especially in this economy.

As for my background, I'm a mom of 3 and married to my longtime sweetheart, going on 25 yrs soon. I'm an artist since youth, grew up with mom & my aunt in the art and publishing world. Turned that knowledge into makeup artistry skills and am marketing a private label cosmetic line that I achieved certified trainer for a few years ago. I'm also a customer manager for a shopping site that shows people how to get the most for their dollar and cash back from their purchases.

Along the way I've learned to promote myself, get over my fear of public speaking, and advertise/market/network for business. Our family also has a traditional brick n mortar business that I have started a website and social media campaign for in the auto industry.

So I'm basically a work from home person that loves her freedom and being there for family & friends. I look forward to learning more from all the Hubbers & wish you continued success!