Tonette Fornillos


Call me Tonette, a Filipina. I'm an old-fashioned girl at heart and I am for bringing back some lovely traditions from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Wouldn't it be lovely to bring back the quite lost arts of long ago? I don't know, I seem to love things old-fashioned... even when I bake I still use my father's handmade wire whisk. So you can imagine how I remained charmed with old Pillsbury and Peotraco :-)

Perhaps it's the vintage charm of an old-fashioned lifestyle...simple, easy, natural, lovely! I've been a writer of my own comic stories at age 9. Then I and my younger siblings would be waiting for rations of Reader's Digest, Time, and Columbia mags so we can cut out pictures and glue them on the comic books. Too late the mags were stripped off of lovely photos by the time my father gets a hold of them. Today, the memories make us all laugh and I find reminiscing those days most enjoyable of all.

Thanks to Hubpages, I can write things I'm inclined about -- beauty, love, children, to anything country, and things that begin at home. Through my writing, I wish I can raise people's spirits & help many women understand their true beauty and how little things can make a difference. Just a little of me to help make the world smile thiiiiiiisss BIG :=)

Welcome to my old-fashioned hubpage. I hope you'll enjoy reading. Thanks for visiting!