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Thanks for visiting my profile. Feel free to also follow me on Twitter where I regularly tweet on all things wedding.

Having been at hubpages for over two years, my goal has been to be an active contributer to I think the website is fantastic and has something to offer to everyone.

I noticed that most people write very little about why they chose their user names, so I thought I'd explain mine. I recently started at a new job working for my mother-in-law. Before you have a heart attack, I'll tell you it's been a great job so far and has been nothing but a blessing, not a curse! Her business is called Design Crafters and she sells business Christmas cards as well as Wedding Invitations (where I primarily work) and Birth Announcements. I am now working primarily for the wedding site and am a wedding consultant, hence the user name.

Prior to this job, I worked for loss prevention as an undercover shopper busting thieves for a major retail chain. Along with that job has come lots of fun stories, battle wounds and good times. If you ever need a good story, drop me an email!

One last note (READ: Disclaimer!). I have a sense of humor and enjoy using it. I hope you'll find some of my hubs bring you a smile on your face and brighten your day.