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Candice Collins

I'm a theophile, a freelance writer and a regular contributor to many sites and blogs. I'm also a creative spirit and artist, aromatherapy enthusiast, lover of angels, all types of music, writing, spending time w/ my family, photography, and too many things to list really, I just love life!

I'm also a multimedia artist, and the owner of a small custom aromatherapy business-Yellowstar*Essentials, as well as database builder for a telecom auditing company, a full-time life researcher, and blogger. I'm basically a Jane of many trades, always a busy girl, and love it!

I've written for many places such as; my blog at wordpress Yellowstar Essentials, also for, Examiner as the Johnny Depp National Examiner, and the Life in Photos Tampa Bay Examiner, as well as Associated Content/Yahoo Contributor Network, Skyword/ Daily Glow, Bukisa, Firehow, Infobarrel, Hubpages, Demand Studio, Ehow, and have a few poems published. If you know of a great place to write besides Hubpages, I'd be so thankful if you could share your secrets.

I love Love, light, laughing with friends and family, sharing my homemade recipes, dreaming, angels, music, science, colors, energy, alternative healing therapies, reading, writing, dancing, walking, swimming, hiking, biking, traveling, blogging, photography, gardening, wildflowers, herbs, and especially essential oils. Really, too many things to list, so I'll just leave it at that.

May love, light and angel blessings be ever with you!


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