10 Bloggers That Rock the Mad Men (Ivy League Style) Look

Updated on December 14, 2016

Are you a fan of Mad Men or the Ivy League look? Here are a few blogs whose authors really kill the Ivy League look and know a lot about it to boot.


1. A Trip Down South

Trip over at A Trip Down South does a great job of rocking the Southern-Ivy look. He knows the rules for both styles and knows when to blend them into a great look. In this picture he's with Lisa Birnbach, author of the Official Preppy Handbook (linked below). Along with outfits, he also posts good info on where to get good stuff, as well as great lifestyle stuff (like his favorite summer cocktails). I've met him a few times and he's a great guy.

2. Ivy Style


Ivy Style is a great resource for historical Ivy info. Christian (the owner) posts lots of vintage ads, interviews with Ivy legends, and good deals, though he's been known to post an outfit or two.

3. Unabashedly Prep


FEC at Unabashedly Prep is probably one of the best photographers in the whole bunch. As such, he often posts outfits of other people (such as the above picture), but he also posts his own outfits. Not only will you get some good inspiration for outfits, but his photos are really nice to look at as well.

4. Red Clay Sould


Jay at Red Clay Soul is another proponent of the southern Ivy look. He doesn't post a lot of his own outfits (though he does sometimes on his Tumblr), but his blog is a wealth of information on good products to get "the look." Bowties, needlepoint belts, watchstraps, and bags. He's got it all. It's really a great blog and one of my favorites.


5. An Affordable Wardrobe

Giuseppe is an Italian-American blogging superstar. His blog, An Affordable Wardrobe, has more followers than I have pageviews. He posts superb outfits, writes great articles, gets the best thrift scores, and is an all around nice guy. Plus, he has some great tattoos.

6. Coiled Pleasures


Patrick at Coiled Pleasures is one of the godfathers of Ivy blogging. He's been around for longer than I've known about the style. He lives in Connecticut, one of the bastions of Ivy style, and has one of the most impressive wardrobes of all bloggers, even though he sells his stuff all the time. He also posts hilarious reviews of terrible movies.


7. The Ivy League Look

The Ivy League Look authors have a seemingly unlimited supply of original Ivy ads. And that's all. But it's more than enough if you're looking for inspiration. Just look through the archives and you'll see how the real Mad men did it.


8. Maxminimus

ADG at Maxminimus is one of the most interesting menswear bloggers out there. He's lived the style for years, and tells some great stories. Unfortunately, he just quit blogging. Hopefully he'll leave his archives up though, so you all can see what a great guy he is. He's also an incredibly generous guy.

9. Alex Grant


Skip at Alex Grant has one of the most interesting series around the blogs. He calls it "Date Night." He takes a character from a movie (like The Talented Mr. Ripley, above), and gives ideas on where to get stuff to complete the look in the modern day.


10. Young Man/Old Man

This is a little narcissistic, but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't think I did a good job? Check me out.


I hope you enjoy these blogs. They've all been around for long enough to know what they're talking about, and they all have the pictures to prove it. I hope it helps you in your quest to dress well.

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