4 Dresses That Hide the Tummy

Updated on March 13, 2017
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4 Dresses That Hide the Tummy

Belly bulge can be very embarrassing if you’re not wearing the right clothing. Maybe you’re having a hard time losing the belly bulge and that’s okay. At least you’re trying. We all know that belly fat is hard to lose. While you’re working on getting it right and tight you can still dress sexy and confident. Sometimes we just need a little guidance when picking the right outfit. In this article, I’ve handpicked four gorgeous dress styles. These dresses will help camouflage your tummy area while showing off your beautiful assets. Choose styles that work for your body type and party like it’s 1999!

4 Tummy Hiding Dresses
4 Tummy Hiding Dresses

The Illusion Dress

The Illusion dress does exactly what its name implies. This dress creates an illusion of a shapely silhouette. It outlines your curves and camouflages the stomach area at the same time. This gives your body a flawless and smooth appearance. The patterns in an illusion dress really do play tricks on the eyes. The eyes are forced to look at the pattern so any imperfections are less noticeable. The elusiveness of the illusion dress makes it a clear winner for covering up belly bulge. The illusion dress has a sophisticated look that can be worn in and out of the office.

Whimsy Wrap Dress
Whimsy Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is elegant and offers a cozy feel around the hips and stomach area. It hides the belly bulge by giving you an extra layer of fabric to streamline your look. This lovely dress shows off your neckline, bust area and waist. Some styles are tied at the side and others have a wrap made into the dress. The wrapping around the waist makes the hips pop! Curves are awesome and if someone begs to differ, they don’t know what they’re talking about. The wrap dress is perfect for semi-formal or formal events. No need for bold accessories because this dress speaks for itself.

Empire Cocktail Dress
Empire Cocktail Dress

The Empire Dress

The empire dress frames and flows, showing off your bust area and cascading down your waist. This dress comes in many beautiful casual and formal styles. Solids are great, but the patterned and colored styles are awesome. The longer dress styles work best because they not only hide the tummy area, but also the thighs and legs. The empire dress directs the eyes to your top half and slowly guides them downward. Some styles are sleeveless and are great for summer outings. You can add a bolero or shrug for warmth or to add a more dramatic look. The empire dress is versatile and can’t be ignored.

The Ruched Dress
The Ruched Dress

The Ruched Dress

What is ruched you say? The ruched dress gathers at and controls the mid-section. The subtle coverage is so very flattering, almost alluring. These dresses can be sassy and classy and usually hug the body. We all love hugs don't we? There are all types of sexy ruched dress styles. Some give just a little slimming coverage putting emphases on the waist and hips. There are other styles that drape over the tummy area covering it up completely. The ruched dress shows off the hips in a bold way while hiding the tummy. This is my “go to” party dress for when I’m in a razzle-dazzle kind of mood.

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Love Your Body

The key to hiding a not so flat tummy is to draw the eyes away from that area. Show off your beautiful features by wearing clothing that accentuate your best assets. All dresses weren’t made for everyone. Your body type will influence what dress style will look good on you. If you choose styles that work best for your body type you will always look good and feel confident. My articles focus mainly on the pear-shaped body because it’s my body type and what I know. Love your body and be mindful of how to appropriately dress it. These 4 dresses will hide the tummy and help you achieve a great look. Add these styles to your wardrobe and feel confident and sexy every time you put on a dress.

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      • motivationsblog profile image

        Miss Monae 15 months ago from North Carolina

        Thank You MsDora for reading. The wrap dress is also one of my faves next to ruched. Comfortable and flawless.

      • MsDora profile image

        Dora Weithers 15 months ago from The Caribbean

        Thanks for all these suggestions. If I could have all wrap dresses, I would be happy.