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Where to Buy Funky Clothes Online

Jaclyn is an avid reader and writer from New Jersey who loves life and indulges in all it has to offer.



Unique Clothing Websites

Although the word "funky" was first used in 1784 to describe an old block of musty, moldy cheese, the term has since developed into an expression of originality. "Funky" today is used to describe something that is stylish and modern in an unconventional way, characterized by uniqueness and originality.

"Funky" is the black and red goth shirts with fishnet sleeves you find at Hot Topic, the knit fringe wraparound at Urban Outfitters that you can't afford, and the Bohemian dress your mother wore when she was seventeen. "Funky" can mean vintage, punk rock, hip hop or urban, and you don't find funky at Banana Republic or J. Crew. But, you can find it at any number of places online, so here's a guide to the hippest and the hottest in "funky" attire:

  1. Hippie/Bohemian
  2. Gothic
  3. Emo
  4. Rockabilly
  5. Urban
  6. Vagabond

1. Hippie/Bohemian

The theory behind the recent trend in bohemian clothing is that every extreme style will eventually lead to an extreme opposite. The skin-tight jeans and revealing, low-cut shirts as seen on Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera as we entered the new millennium have begun to decline in popularity as a new wave of 1970's-inspired classics has reemerged.

Tibet Trekking tunic available at Free People

Tibet Trekking tunic available at Free People

Free People

Peace, love, and paisley are the things you'll find at Free People, along with "Free Tibet" t-shirts, wool coats and cotton tunics. Because many of their clothes are made from materials other than the cotton and polyester blends we're familiar with,

Free People includes an entire glossary on their site to help you understand what you're going to be wearing. Alpaca, for example, is a thin cloth that contains wool made from descendants of the guanaco animal of Peru. The best part is their Outfits section, where they give examples of ensembles put together using only Free People products.

Daydream dress from Thread Head Creations

Daydream dress from Thread Head Creations

Threadhead Creations

The skilled artists at Threadhead Creations specialize in handcrafted tops, bottoms, dresses, and skirts that are made using high-quality fabrics that have all been pre-shrunk. Run by husband and wife team Dustin and Rai-Lynne who live in the Smoky Mountains, Threadhead is hippie heaven. In addition to their corduroy and muslin creations, they also have an entire section of clothing made out of hemp.

The Daydream dress shown here is a gorgeous example of how hemp can be combined with silk to craft a look that's environmentally friendly. Thread Head also has a bridal section that contains beautiful, earthy gowns with landscape embroidery for a greener take on the traditional "white wedding" theme.

2. Gothic

The Gothic, or goth, scene is an underground subculture whose fashion is characterized by darkness. Black colors, dark eyeliner, and morbid styles modeled after Victorian-era dresses are just some of the elements found in gothic fashion. Deep reds, purples, silver or pewter jewelry, and piercings are also often part of the goth culture.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is the quintessential one-stop shop for all your gothic clothing needs. They offer dozens of short, pleated skirts (like the Black Pyramid Stud Belt one seen here by Tripp) fishnet tops, dark Elizabethan style lingerie and knee-high leather Dr. Marten boots. The men's section features wide-legged pants with chain straps and studs, band hoodies, and long-sleeve henleys.

Lip Service

Lip Service bills themselves as the "pioneers of gothic clothing...for fashion freaks!" and it's easy to see why. Lip Service is one of the suppliers to Hot Topic, but 99.9% of the time the products they make for them are exclusive to retail stores. The Lip Service website, however, sells only original, ever-changing tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, coats and intimates that can be tied up, laced up and twisted to your heart's content.

One helpful feature of the site is its "Style Groups" section. A link at the top of the shopping page reveals a pull-down menu with options like "Faded Reality" and "A History of Nothing." Clicking these groups will bring you to a small selection of clothing that fits that particular morbid description.

3. Emo

It's kind of hard to define what exactly emo clothes are because the fashion of this alternative style is constantly changing. When I was an emo kid in 1998, it meant baggie jeans paired with hooded band sweatshirts, beat-up army messenger bags and plaid schoolgirl skirts with skate shoes. Currently, the staples of the emo scene are shaggy haircuts, skinny jeans, snug sweaters, band t-shirts, Western button-downs, Converse sneakers and crying.

Phix Clothing

In a world of online shopping sites that focus mostly on women, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Phix Clothing catered specifically to guys. Although the hoodies, band shirts and cardigan sweaters could be worn by girls as well, the skinny fit trousers and jeans are designed for emo boys. Their jackets, sweaters and hoodies (like the bleeding heart skeleton one shown here) are designed to work well with the popular narrow-legged jeans.

Hoodie from Fullbleed

Hoodie from Fullbleed


Although "real" emo kids used to get their shirts from thrift stores, the modern-day scenester can purchase his or her attire from one of many online sites. T-shirts are an absolute staple of the emo community, whether their message is humorous, romantic or nonsensical.

Fullbleed is a site run by Rob Dobi who prints his tees on American Apparel shirts. His bestsellers feature silhouettes of clouds and birds exploding into the sky and offer subtle societal messages as well, like his "Counting Sheep" shirt (pictured here) which depicts an insomniac counting corporate businessmen to help him fall asleep.

4. Rockabilly

Rockabilly was a music style of the 1950s that blended "rock" and "hillbilly" together to create a sound that was part boogie-woogie, part swing and part blues. Rockabilly fashion today draws on the same styles of yesteryear, when pin-up girl Bettie Page was a glam icon and girls wore gingham dresses with crinoline underneath, and guys wore embroidered button-down bowling shirts.

Sunset Star

Sunset Star is your source for custom rockabilly clothing and accessories. Paying homage to a simpler, sexier time, Sunset Star offers shirts, dresses, pants, jackets and bikinis for guys and gals alike. The designers they feature include Heartbreaker, Route 66, King Cat Hollywood, Sailor Jerry and Lucky 13.

Pinup Girl Clothing

Pinup Girl Clothing stocks an enormous selection of retro rockabilly wear from over a dozen designers. The iconic pin-up girls of the 1950s were real women with real curves, a far cry from the stick-thin models we see today, and Pinup Girl Clothing reinforces a woman's natural beauty by creating clothes that look best on girls with a figure.

You'll find the cherry print shirts and dresses that characterize the rockabilly style, along with animal print camisoles and classy pencil skirts. The site breaks their products down into categories such as Vintage, Trashy Sexy, Rockin' Retro and they carry shoes, swimwear, lingerie, jewelry, and menswear as well.

5. Urban

Urban is the style you find in any bustling city across the globe. Major metropolises on the coasts, like New York and Los Angeles, are the epitome of urban because they're the first places to receive new shipments of designer duds each season. As opposed to the landlocked states in the Midwest for whom it can take years for those fashions to trickle down to, urban areas are on the cutting edge of what's hot and what‘s not, and they've got the clothes to prove it.

Lux Layer Up cardigan at Urban Outfitters

Lux Layer Up cardigan at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

As I mentioned before, Urban Outfitters is the first place many people think of when they're going for a "funky" city style. The company has retail stores located in major cities throughout the U.S., but now small-town girls and boys can get a feel for the urban look by visiting their website.

Urban Outfitters is renowned for its classic, edgy knits and one-piece jumpers all designed with city living in mind. Their Urban Renewal collection is a DIY-inspired line of tanks, tunics, dresses and rompers that are thrifty without looking grungy, and you'll find great stuff for your apartment here as well.

Dr. Jay's

One subset of the urban style is the hip hop or streetwear look. Designers like Ecko, Baby Phat, G Unit and Roca Wear. Dr. Jay's, a site that sells clothing for men, women, boys and girls, carries over 40 name brand designers. Cropped jeans with stiletto heels and down-filled hooded vests have replaced the hi-top sneakers and Run DMC tracksuits of the 1980s, making hip hop fashion more sophisticated as well as more popular.

5. Vagabond

Black-and-white striped tights and arm warmers, old-fashioned lace bloomers, double laced corsets and tattered tunics are the hallmarks of vagabond style. Think enchanted fairy from late 19th century photographs meets orphan from the Great Depression and you'll be halfway to creating your own vagabond style.

Gypsy Moon

The Gypsy Moon website specializes in vests, blouses, dresses and accessories designed to look torn and well worn. Their Faerie Wear collection has layer upon layer of gossamer silk peasant blouses and velvet cloaks, corset belts and striped petticoat skirts. And for those of you looking to take the way of the fae a little further, they even sell wings.

Another section of Gypsy Moon is The Red Shoes collection, named after a fairytale about a ballerina. The line features silk camisoles, gypsy dresses and lace blouses created in a romantic vintage style.

For ultra-"funky" designs, check out the World's End collection. Inspired by the pirates and wenches of medieval times, World's End offers mariner shirts with gauntlet sleeves, petticoat skirts, shipwrecked bloomers and even authentic Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. If that's a little too over the top for your personal taste, don't worry, there's still the standard Fall 2007 collection. It features sets from four different designers and the separates still keep their vagabond cabaret feel without looking like a costume.

More Styling Tips for Looking Funky

It's important to remember to let your style come naturally. Learn more about how to both change your style and create your own style. Nothing will look good on you unless you feel good about yourself. Wear whatever you'll be most comfortable in and try to have little to no regard for what other people think. "Funky" is an attitude as well as a fashion, and if you've got it inside you then you'll look awesome even when you're wearing sweatpants and a two-day-old T-shirt.

Creating a Funky Style

  • How to Create Your Own Style
    Wiki How article on how to find a style that is uniquely yours, and inexpensive ways of implementing your newfound fashion. Discusses how to sort through the clothes you already have to weed out what should stay and what should go.
  • How to Change your Style
    Wiki How article on how to convert your look from one style to another. Explains how to save money by buying only the basics and how to build your new look around a single focal point.

More Makers of Funky Clothes

  • Threadless
    Threadless tees is the place to go for an eclectic selection of screen-printed shirts. The best part is that all the graphics are designed by people who visit the site and submit their image for consideration, not to mention there’s a $12,500 deal if
  • Mod Cloth
    Mod Cloth specializes in retro indie and vintage clothing, accessories and apartment décor. Their One of a Kind section features exclusive, handmade items that are only available once, their designs are simple yet special, and their prices amazing.
  • Etsy
    If you’re looking for unique, original, truly one of a kind clothing, then go visit the clothing section on Etsy. It’s an online marketplace where everyday people can sell anything from handmade Mr. Cloud knit hats to felt slippers.
  • Club Urban
    Club Urban is a fashion must-see for hip hoppers looking for the latest in G-Unit jackets and Sean John jeans. Their setup allows you to search the store by category, price, color, size or brand. Don’t miss the What Must Go section for great savings
  • Zumiez
    Zumiez is a skate and snowboard shop with clothing, shoes and accessories for both girls and guys. Volcon jeans and printed tees are available here, along with a wide selection of casual tops, track jackets and jewelry.
  • The Black Angel
    The Black Angel specializes in gothic clothing for people who like to go all out with their style. They have more accessories (hair clips, gloves, leg warmers, capes, chokers) than other sites, and they also offer undergarments like petticoats and ho


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Histiletto on August 08, 2008:


This was informative and interesting, but as usual fashion topics tend to focus on the feminine side of the isle and leave men to pick from their menially prescribed selections. Even though women have had an array of choices to find their fashion sense, they still had to cross the declared gender lines to incorporate menswear to be included with their choices. What was so necessary, that women had to wear men's stuff? Mean while, men have been denied, ridiculed, and persecuted for even considering a feminine choice.

Now, this manly trend has experienced some breaking out of the mold. Although there are historical practices and activities of men venturing into the realms of femininity, such as in the early shakespearean theater, the condoning of these things in social gatherings was considered distasteful and not allowed. Lately, there is a growing desire in the masculine area to embrace more of the feminine practices and items of attire. Examples ar popping up almost everywhere. Just the other day there was a program about men using cosmetics to enhance their appearance. For quite sometime men have worn women's jeans and shirts, because the styling, materials, and cut seems to fit better. Earings and lenthy hair on men have already received a marginal OK after a few years of societal contention. Increasingly, men are including high heels as another choice of footwear, because they want more options to express what they feel and who they are, just like women have done. In spite of what has been and is being drilled into us, men and women are not that different  Aren't these some of the main reasons we are suppose to have our individual rights of choice for our own appearance.

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Just found this column! Love it! Advocating personal style and helping shoppers find the sources! Great!

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Very funky,love it.

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cecelia on May 23, 2008:

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As a boy, I advise you girls to wear pin-up clothes, they look damn sexy :)

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Great breakdown of the popular styles and where to find them!

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Yes, yes and yes. This hub takes the fashion cake. LOVE IT!