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Updated on July 9, 2017
Here is a man sporting a casual outfit perfect for a sunny day.
Here is a man sporting a casual outfit perfect for a sunny day.

Due to times changing, men's clothing has changed. The ideas of piecing certain articles of clothing together has changed as well. This is 2017, and guys are wearing clothing that reveals more skin and is "lighter" (light-fitting and colored). They are wearing brighter colors and shorter articles of clothing. (Yes, I said shorter!) Shorts for men have become shorter. This not only gives men more freedom, but it also allows them to dress comfortably.

Another piece of clothing that a lot of men are starting to wear is floral patterned shirts. Some people refer to these as "beach shirts" or as "safari shirts" due to the design and style they represent. These types of shirts are groovy and give off a relaxed mood.

A lot of men this summer are going for different looks. Some men are trying to achieve the "sporty" look by pairing outfits with Nike Brand socks, Basketball shorts, regular fitted t-shirts, and sneakers. This look is a hot summer trend since a lot of men are seen to be wearing it.

Another style trend that a lot of men are also seen to be wearing is khaki shorts with patterned shirts. This is a more relaxed style that also resembles some degree of professionalism. This type of outfit might have pairings of socks with interesting designs, with dress shoes, sports shoes, and even regular skating shoes such as Vans. Another pairing would be a t-shirt or tank top that would have groovy designs integrated into it.

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So since I have explained the fashion trends of men, I feel that I should give a first hand account of what types of clothing it involves. The pictures I have included do show what the hottest summer looks for men are, but I have an older brother with a very good taste in men's clothing. Included below are some clothing options that he has and also outfits he puts together.

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In the above photos, I have included some styles of clothing that my older brother has worn so far. (There are many more styles, but these are his favorites). In these pictures, you can see that men are now starting to branch out and develop a sense of style that distinguishes colors that are bright and dark. It also shows that some men aren't afraid to wear socks with humorous designs that would bee seen as "feminine" or "weird". My brother has a great style as well as many men out there for the summer season.

So let us look into what he wears...

Outfit One: He wears a long sleeve shirt with a small floral design, pink above-the-knee shorts, Nike Brand socks, and the pair of shoes I have placed in the little photo gallery. This is an outfit perfect for a day out shopping, running errands, or for a simple hang out with friends.

Outfit Two: This one consists of a regular light-fitting t-shirt, a pair of shorts with a modest polka-dot design, and some flamingo socks. This is an outfit that screams FUN! This is something that can be worn to go out for a walk, to go and possibly play a sport with some friends, or to just relax with friends in. This outfit is also paired with the shoes I have placed in the gallery.

Above is a video of some men's summer style trends. This video shows how men can style their clothes and it also provides some ideas that can help those who want to up their looks but struggle while doing so.

Below is a poll that you can take to decide what style trend you find to be more appealing. After you are finished reading you can take it to let me know what you like.

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