How to Find Women Who Like Men in Lingerie

Updated on November 21, 2019
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How to Find Women Who Like Men in Lingerie
How to Find Women Who Like Men in Lingerie | Source

'Hope, how can I find a woman who likes men who wear lingerie'? I get this question rather a lot, and while I can't point any of you to the 'women who like men who wear lingerie' store, I can give you a few pointers to help you along the road to finding such a lady.

After all, most men who wear lingerie also want to find female partners who will be okay with them wearing lingerie, and hopefully, even enjoy it. The idea of a lifetime of hiding an important part of oneself does not appeal to many men, though there are many men who have found themselves in just that situation.

Finding those elusive women who are okay with men who wear lingerie is something of a tall order but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of finding a lady who will be supportive and understanding of your desire to wear lingerie. Here's the first, and possibly most important step in the process:

Don't Look for a Woman Who Likes Men in Lingerie

This may seem counterintuitive, but I say it for a reason (aside from just being all Zen and smug about things, which is fun and all). Looking for women who declare that they like men who wear lingerie does two things:

  1. It cuts your potential dating pool down exponentially.
  2. It cuts out a lot of very nice women who haven't thought about it before.

Prior to being introduced to the phenomenon of men who wear lingerie I can't say that I'd given it any thought whatsoever. If my partner at the time had elected to only date women who somehow indicated that they liked men wearing panties, then we would have both missed out on a great deal.

Look for a Woman Who Is Open-Minded

Instead of looking for a woman who likes men who wear lingerie, instead look for a woman who is open-minded, perhaps one who has some interesting carnal proclivities herself. There's a chance you may have to accommodate a sexual idiosyncrasy of hers, perhaps one that you hadn't thought of before.

Remember too, that you are looking for a romantic partner who is a person, too—she's not just a vehicle for your lingerie desires. This is intellectually obvious, but looking for 'a woman who will like me wearing panties/bra/stockings' does turn all potential dates into rather one-dimensional creatures. You'd be surprised at how often men do this, perhaps because they tend to be rather practical souls. Women very rarely appreciate this approach, however, and yes, even if you don't vocalize it, they can tell that you're screening them for certain qualities, and they generally don't like it.

Look for a Woman Who Is Open-Minded
Look for a Woman Who Is Open-Minded | Source

Women Have Big Hearts

Also, remember that women are emotional creatures, and that love has the potential to make women accept things that they might not think they would. Quite often, women leave comments on this sort of article saying things like 'Omg no way, that is so gay!' . . . but one suspects strongly that if it were a man they loved who wanted to wear lingerie, they may respond differently.

They may also respond differently depending on his appearance of masculinity. Many women fear that a man who wears lingerie will be less masculine, less sexy, less of a good mate than one who does not. However, if you put someone like Arnie in a pair of pink panties, I doubt that he would lose much of his allure with the ladies. It's all about attitude and making her feel comfortable with you as a man before you go introducing the panties and things. So to conclude, a series of bullet points:

  • Don't necessarily look for a woman who likes men in lingerie, look for a woman who has the traits that will make her a good, loving, and accepting partner, such as open-mindedness, empathy, a wild streak, a sense of adventure.
  • Look for the whole package, and treat all potential dates as human beings with thoughts and feelings and hopes and desires beyond a man in lingerie.
  • Some women will never be interested in a man who wears panties. This is a harsh reality, but it's the same as some people will never date people of a certain ethnic background, and it's equally as shallow. Don't be saddened by missing out on these women, count yourself lucky to have dodged a bullet.


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