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How to Walk in High Heels: A Guide for Men

As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years.

It takes practice to get that strut down.

It takes practice to get that strut down.

The women you occasionally see striding down the streets of major metropolitan centers, deftly avoiding subway grates in their four-inch heels, aren't as stupid as they look. In fact, any one of them could probably dance across a tightrope stretched over the Niagara falls.

If you would like to attain the same lithe grace, here are a few tips for walking in high heels.

How to Walk in Heels

  1. In order to learn to walk comfortably in women's shoes, you need to practice, practice, practice. Start off with a low pair of heels to begin with before working your way up to high heels. Starting off low will give you a chance to become comfortable with heels and allow you to hone your technique before you make it to the big leagues.
  2. Relax and stand up straight. Posture is important when you're wearing high heels, because posture is related to balance and therefore to not wrenching your spine or ankles. Let's not pretend that high heel shoes are good for you, relatively low heels won't do too much damage, but the higher you go, the more you put your body through. However as someone quotable once said 'beauty is pain'. It's not a philosophy I personally ascribe to, but it fits wearing high heels well.
  3. So, once you are standing up straight in your low heels, try taking a few steps. Relax your knees as you walk and place your weight on the ball of your foot. Relaxing and bending your knees is important if you don't want to get that stiff legged, chimpanzee type gait that many men who wear high heels experience at first. Keep in mind at all times the idea of being flowing and graceful, the only thing that should be straight is your back.

This video will provide you with a useful, fun (and most importantly, short) little lesson in avoiding the common pitfalls associated with wearing high heels. Let's watch it!

You should have the basics by now, so I would recommend trying out your walking skills in front of a mirror. You will instantly see whether or not you are committing the cardinal sins of rolling your ankles or leaning forward like a knuckle dragging primate.

Happy heel wearing, gentlemen!


Bill on April 22, 2017:

Thank you most helpful, today my Mistress took me shopping for heels I am wearing them now and stockings because Mistress ordered a Mailds outfit and satin panties with suspenders attached so when they arrive and I am made up with my wig on I will really feel the part

IStar102 on February 24, 2017:

As a guy wearing heels for a long time,I can say you went wrong about starting small. I say go with what your body tells you.

My first ever heels were about 5 inches and I never had any trouble with them.

And,I've been graced with kinda small (size 39 EU) size feet so I gladly buy my heels without any shame (plus,my two sisters and my mom always cover my alibi while buying my heels so that's a huuuuuge help).

Also,if you find the retailers to be open minded,you can actually tell them you'te buying for yourself and try them on and I myself found out they are utmost helpful. After all,it's YOU who gives them their paycheck so they kinda keep an open mind that way too.

retrophoto on June 03, 2010:

Thank you Hope. As soon as I get back to the states I will have to give heels a try and will keep well in mind these pointers. Cheers.

Wendygrrl on April 17, 2010:

Practice, practice, practice... {;o)

Niqqi on April 08, 2010:

Thanks. This is very timely since the first three pairs are on the way. I am going to have to learn quickly how to walk in them while also tending to various household chores that my wife either used to do herself or pay a cleaning lady to do.

Gr8legs on April 08, 2010:

A couple of points she forgot to mention:

1) keep your head up and look straight ahead;

this is essential for good balance

2) place one foot DIRECTLY in front of the other;

a common mistake made in heels is to walk with a

shoulder-width gait, walk along an imaginary line

Wearing heels isn't my thing but on the occasions that I have (i.e. Rocky Horror nights) many women have commented (with more than just a little innuendo) how well I do walk in heels. It's not rocket science, it is, as you pointed out posture & balance.

Keeping your core engaged (sucking your gut in) is essential, as is keeping your foot pointed the whole time. When walking in flat shoes the ankle joint moves to pull the foot towards the shin as the foot moves forward on each new step and as the heel lands the foot moves forward so that it lands flat. You can't do this in heels, you must keep the foot pointed (I make my living in Exercise Science & Biomechanics).

Happy mincing.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on April 07, 2010:

As a man I never thought wearing high heels. This is provoking hub. This video is good to learn and I think woman should read and watch the video also. good work.