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How to Dress for Work and After Work Socializing

I enjoy giving tips to others on appropriate attire for different situations.

No need for an outfit change when you dress for every occasion.

No need for an outfit change when you dress for every occasion.

Build a Wardrobe for Work and Play

When the work ends and the party begins, changing from workplace sophistication to dinner-chic is simple. Switching up a few things, such as shoes or accessories, can make your look glamorous for after five socializing or comfy-chic for a casual date. If you already have a few basics, switch up a few mix-and-match pieces for a different style. For example, you can lose the cardigan and go for the sexy satin top underneath with a pair of platform stilettos. These quick changes can easily take you from desk to dinner.

Make sure that your wardrobe offers some basic, quick style change options:

  • A nice jacket or cardigan
  • a simple sheath dress, fashion leggings
  • a pair of sexy heels
  • a nice handbag.

Don't Forget the Jewelry

While a pair of fly feather earrings may be inappropriate for the office, they are perfect for happy hour. Don’t be afraid to let your inner diva loose. Jewelry can make the outfit. Adding just a little bling with a cool flowered cocktail ring will glam up your look for after five.

Start With Hidden Gems

Build your outfit around the main piece you want to transition with from desk to dinner. A pair of wide leg dress pants can easily be dressed up for work with a nice blouse or down with a fitted t-shirt for after work socializing. Choose mix and match pieces with the easiest transfer like slacks and skirts that can be paired with other items in your wardrobe.

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I'm sure your confidence will transfer over from the 9 to 5 to happy hour!

I'm sure your confidence will transfer over from the 9 to 5 to happy hour!

Go Classic

  • try these tips for a simple, classic work or dinner look:
  • add a wide belt to a button-down shirt for an air sophistication to the look
  • change out of your work pumps into some sexy stilettos
  • add trendy accessories like chunky bracelets and a little edge with a funky handbag

Dress Down

If your workplace is ultra conservative, going from suit to casual date is simple:

  • wear a shimmery satin or sequin tank underneath your suit
  • switch your suit jacket for a stylish casual jacket or cardigan
  • change from your workplace pumps to a pair of cute ballet flats
  • add a pair of cool hoop earrings and you’re good to go

Keep it Simple

Dresses are a great way to go from work to after-work socializing:

  • wear a nice sheath dress with a simple cardigan for work a
  • dump the cardigan, and add a funky faux leather jacket or even a pair of leggings underneath

Quick Change Dos and Don’ts

  • do use a wrap dress as cardigan for after work transition; a wrap dress can double as a cardigan when paired with a t-shirt and leggings for example
  • do rock a pair of peep toe pumps
  • don’t over-accessorize

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