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How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Any Body Type

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I am a plus-sized woman with a unique obsession for anything that's denim, lace, or drizzled in chocolate.

Everyone should feel comfortable and hot in their jeans.

Everyone should feel comfortable and hot in their jeans.

Jeans for All Body Types

Every woman has a body that has been designed beautifully unique, and different. Dress to flatter it, and show off your natural shape. The perfect pair of jeans can help certain areas that you want to highlight while drawing attention away from certain areas you would rather not showcase and put on display.

Some jeans even come with built-in control panels or extra padding if you need it. These little added features can help cinch or add a little something extra by giving mother nature a little bit of a boost (pun intended). A sexy pair of great fitting jeans can do amazing things for a woman's body. "What type of jeans should you wear?" you ask. Base that on your body type—what works for some will not work for others.

A pair of great-fitting jeans can hide a multitude of heinous and embarrassing problems by enhancing and contouring the positives, giving you a classy, polished look. If you have chunky thighs, balance them out by wearing flare legs to balance out the top and bottom. If you have a large backside, (which, by the way, I give a big thank you to J-Lo and Iggy from all us thick-boned ladies) wear higher cut jeans to keep them from sliding around and causing a waist gap.

Otherwise, you'll be spilling out all over the place, trust me I know this from experience. Some jeans even have a built-in minimizer (girdle) on the inside tummy panel to help slim your hips and belly. Make sure you get the right size with these types of jeans though, or good luck on trying to breathe.

Below are a few ideas about what type of jeans look well on what type of body. Remember the key to looking great in anything is confidence.

How to Rock Your Jeans

  • Wear the right type of shoes to compliment whatever pair of jeans you are wearing. Knee high boots look amazing over skinny jeans, and a great pair of heels goes with any style just about.
  • Know every single pair of jeans is going to fit everyone's body differently and pick a pair that flatters your figure and work it.
  • A muffin-top is not a good fashion statement to be making. Ever!!! Unless you are a muffin then in that case come visit me because I have never seen a human muffin before. I'd be curious to see what flavor you'd be, strawberry, chocolate, maybe even cheddar?? Lol!!! Seriously though if your jeans are causing you to have a muffin top this can end up leading to fertility issues and everything. So avoiding this has a lot more to do with than just how it looks.
  • You should always be able to breathe in your jeans. If you have to sit down slowly to keep the zipper zipped, and your backside from bursting out at the seams then you're probably wearing the wrong size. I like for my jeans to fit my curves snug too, but jeans shouldn't look like they've been painted on. Plus if you wear your jeans too many sizes too small they won't last very long.
  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable, looks good and doesn't scare anybody. Unless of course that's the look you're going for and if that's the case more power to you. You do you!!!
We all have a little extra love for that pair that stood the test of time.

We all have a little extra love for that pair that stood the test of time.

Dress your curvy body in the right pair of great fitting jeans, to enhance your natural God-given shape.

The Right Fitting Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

An hourglass figure is an absolutely beautiful sight, but not when you melt and pour that gorgeous figure into the wrong type of jeans. Most curvy women should not wear super low-rise jeans. "Why not? You ask," because we have big hips and fuller bottoms. Wear jeans that fit and flatter you, not make you appear as if you have an imaginary muffin top or introduces the world to your butt crack.

What Not to Wear

  • Any pair of jeans that have the two words "Low-Rise," because pulling up your pants all day is anything but sexy.
  • What some people call the "Mom" jeans, who could forget those super, colossal zippers, or the over-sized pleats very unflattering. Especially for a curvy woman that has wider hips, this style can add so many exaggerated pounds to your body.
  • Anything skin-tight, super, tight jeans generally don't look right on any shape. If you have to lay on the bed to zip the zipper up, forget about it, ladies. This can also cause rashes around the waist-line, and has even been known to have some bad effects on our health.
  • Slim fit jeans, these are not meant for curvy girls, it's uncomfortable and hugs our curves in all the wrong ways.

What to Wear

  • Jeans with a natural waistline always flatter a curvy body, they are more comfortable too.
  • Boot-cut or flare-leg jeans, they help balance out a full bottom. They always look amazing on a curvy body type.
  • Skinny jeans look wonderful on a curvy body as well but make sure they are the curvy-fit kind. They tend to be a little wider in the thigh area and have more pull to them, to keep your thighs from looking like a can of busted biscuits.

Flattering Jeans for a Pear Shape

A pear shape can be just as beautiful as an hourglass shape. It can however be a very hard shape to find great fitting jeans for, unless you know what you are looking for. The waist seems to always fit too loose or the backside too tight, which creates that dreaded peek-a-boo (Waist gap). By wearing the right kind of jeans for your bountiful assets, you could end this constant battle of trying to find the right fit.

What Not to Wear

  • Anything low cut is not going to fit us right, those are not meant for people with larger hips and backside. If you are spilling out you should not be wearing it, nobody wants to see your goodies. Not to mention how uncomfortable this feels, talk about wedgie city.
  • Jeans with a very relaxed fit, this style is so unflattering for a pear-shaped figure. It adds extra bulk to the thighs and legs, which make them appear much larger than they are.
  • Natural waistline pants can be quite an odd fit for a pear shape because their waist is usually a lot smaller than their derriere.

What to Wear

  • Skinny jeans with a curvy fit and pretty embellished pockets look incredible on a pear shape; the extra details enhance their assets very nicely.
  • Flare-legged jeans help balance out the fullness of the backside of a pear shape and make their thighs appear smaller.
  • Jeans with a higher waist are a better fit for a pear shape; the highness of the waistline leaves some room for the derriere.

Find the Right Fit for a Straight shape

This is a very elegant body type which reminds me of a graceful ballerina or a supermodel. When clothed in the right pair of great fitting jeans, this body type is stunning. A person with a straight body type should focus on the right fit and stay away from jeans that are bulky or too big. Wearing too big of a size when you're a straight shape can look very boxy and unflattering.

What Not to Wear

  • Never wear jeans that have a super large flare, this adds way too much bulk for your small frame.
  • Anything with too high of a waist can make your derriere appear as if it is board flat.
  • Anything relaxed-fit or wearing too big of a size can make your jeans appear as if you're floating in them.

What to Wear

  • Low waisted jeans look awesome on a straight shape. They add the illusion of having slight subtle curves without being too overpowering for your small frame.
  • Regular-fit skinny jeans look awesome as well, anything that hugs and fits gives the illusion of added curves.
  • Boot legged jeans look amazing as well. They add a small flare that can add the illusion of having curvy legs. Without being too over the top like flare legged or wide legged jeans.

All jeans are not created equally but everyone can look great in the right pair. A good pair of jeans can last for many years and be just as enjoyable to wear as sweatpants. Some great brands I recommend you try out for yourself are Lee's, Seven 7 For all Mankind, Level Eight and Levi's of course.

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Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on April 28, 2013:

Thank you for commenting stillwaters707.

stillwaters707 from Texas on April 27, 2013:

Now, the question is, where do you find just the right jeans? I used to love a store called Bill Bauer, but it is no longer in my town. Thanks for the hub.

Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on April 27, 2013:

Thank you for commenting and sharing Sneha Sunny.

Sneha Sunny from India on April 26, 2013:

I feel very comfortable in jeans. I have seen a lot of people who just wear any kind of jeans without bothering much how it is looking on them, but in real it looks very bad! This hubs has great guidance!

Thank you for sharing this useful hub. Rated, shared and voted up! :)

Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on April 26, 2013:

Thank you guys for reading my hub and commenting.

moonlake from America on April 26, 2013:

I'm old and still wear my jeans but I wish I could find some that fit well. I always liked Lands End because I could order the length I wanted and they didn't have so much stretch in them. I want a jean that is a jean like they use to be without the stretch. They no longer sell them that way that I have found. Great information voted up and shared.

Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on October 05, 2012:

I think shopping for jeans is my least favorite past time! These hints are very helpful, and for each body type. I notice the waist tends to gap in the back, so I'll keep in my your suggestion of flare of straight-legged jeans. Thanks so much!

Dianna Mendez on October 04, 2012:

Love my jeans! Now that I know what looks good on me, I can shop for some more! Great hub post and so very interesting to read.

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on October 03, 2012:

Interesting, didn't know there was so much to know about woman's jeans .

Awesome !

Joyce Haragsim from Southern Nevada on October 03, 2012:

Great hub, I usually wear Gloria Vanderbilt because of the little elastic in the material. I just bought a new pair and they are usually good for me but this pair fits like a glove except for the waist.

voted up useful and interesting, Joyce.

mismazda from a southern georgia peach on October 03, 2012:

Great Hub...ohh Im so curvy, and you are so right low not the way to go. Thanks for the hub, voted up and useful.

Mary (author) from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet. on October 03, 2012:

Thank you Carol I feel the same way you do, Anything that makes you look like you have an exaggerated stomach in my opinion, is the wrong jean choice for your body type. Oh and they like to show their underwear off a lot too, I still don't see how that counts as any kind of style.

carol stanley from Arizona on October 03, 2012:

Jeans can really help different body types. I am always in horror when I see young girls with their belly spilling over. We call it muffin top for adults but kids it is just sloppy fat. And to boot it doesn't bother them at all. This is a great hub for those buying jeans. VotedUP. and shared.