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How to Wear Bodysuits

Katy has an open-minded but practical approach to style. She shares all the details about making fashion work for you.

Wearing a bodysuit is an effective way to show off both your style and shape.

Wearing a bodysuit is an effective way to show off both your style and shape.

Bodysuits are a versatile trend, but executing the look can be confusing. How do you style a bodysuit? Wear them in these outfits:

  • High-waisted jeans
  • Full or A-line skirts
  • In a layered outfit
  • Without a bra under thicker tops like sweaters

Learn more about these outfit ideas below!

Where Do You Buy Bodysuits?

Before you can start experimenting with outfits, you need a quality bodysuit that fits you.

Basic Bodysuits

If you're new to bodysuits, it's best to find a few that are simple. Avoid the crazy ones for now, and find some that are simple tees or tanks.

These Scoop Neck Bodysuits are staples in my closet. I normally don't recommend Amazon clothes, but these are mostly cotton, not see-through, and the classic cut is easy to style. The best part is you can return them if you get the wrong size or you don't like the color.

Tall Bodysuits

If you have a long torso, big boobs and/or are over 5'8", you will probably find that regular suits aren't comfortable. Try some that come in tall sizes. These will give your torso more room and feel more comfortable.

Wearing Bodysuits With Pants

To wear them with pants, choose a pair with a mid or high rise. It's possible to pair a bodysuit with low rise pants, but make sure the thigh cut on the suit isn't too high.

With High-Waisted Jeans

As the high rise jeans trend hit hard again, thankfully, so did the bodysuit! High waists and bodysuits go together so easily. They get rid of the excess fabric when tucking in a top. So high-waisted jeans or pants with a bodysuit create an easy silhouette you can build an outfit on.

Stand-Alone Top

Suits can stand alone as a top. To do this, choose a quality bodysuit with a neckline you like. Then throw on any pair of jeans. Keep in mind that tight suits with skinny jeans create a tight silhouette. That might not work for your style or workplace. You can balance out the tightness of the top with boot cut or flare pants.

Add Layers

Adding layers over a bodysuit can really transform it. You can cover up a sheer top or add warmth. Layers on top can also add bulk to balance out skinny jeans.

Start with a simple suit. Add jackets, scarves, or cardigans for cooler days. A necklace or light scarf will work for spring and summer. A blazer or sharp jacket can make some bodysuits work-appropriate.

Bodysuit paired with a loose skirt.

Bodysuit paired with a loose skirt.

With Full or A-Line Skirts

Styling full skirts can be tricky. Full skirts need to be balanced with a smaller, higher waist. This leaves women with two options: either find a crop top or sweater that hits the skirt's waist perfectly or a top that is tucked in. Pairing bodysuits with full skirts is a no-brainer. Looking to balance a full skirt with a tighter top that won't come untucked? That's a bodysuit!

Choose bodysuits in basic, solid colors to make it easy to wear printed skirts. The same rules apply as with jeans. Suits can be used as stand-alone tops, or you can layer over them.

Bodysuits for Fall and Winter

Sure they work as easy tops, but how do you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe in cold months?

Layer Under Warmer Tops

Bodysuits provide a secure base layer. Layering in cold weather or cool offices results in bulky fabrics that come untucked. A bodysuit won't come untucked and keeps your outfit looking polished. You can also find them in thicker fabrics and long-sleeved options, especially as temperatures drop.

Wear With Tights

How do you wear a bodysuit with tights? You can pull the tights or leggings on over the bottom of the suit. Or the leggings can go on first with the suit snapped over them. Which method is more comfortable will depend on the fit of each item, so go ahead and play around with it.

Did I mention the versatility?

Did I mention the versatility?

But How Do You Wear Them?

Still nervous to wear a bodysuit because of certain, ahem, logistics? Find the answers here.

What to Wear Underneath?

What do women usually wear under bodysuits? For most bodysuits, your normal bra and panties will work fine. Some suits are thick enough that you can get away with no bra, especially if you're layering over it. Cheaper, sheer suits might need a tank or cami underneath.

How to Put on a Bodysuit

Most fashion bodysuits will have snaps at the bottom. With these, putting them on is easy: pull it over your head like a shirt and snap the bottom underneath you.

Some don't have snaps, especially if they're made for dancers. These are a bit trickier. Step into it from the neck and pull it up to your hips. Put your arms through the holes and pull it over your shoulder. Yes, you'll have to reverse the entire thing to use the bathroom.

The Pros and Cons of Body Suits

Here are a few reasons to love body suits and why you should also be wary while browsing for one to add to your wardrobe.


  • stylish and sexy
  • thin pieces
  • provide warmth without bulk
  • good for layering


  • using the restroom
  • not ideal for hot climates or high humidity
  • can be hard to find a fit if you have a long torso
  • body suits are so snug that they show every bump underneath them (bra included!)

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