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Updated on September 3, 2017
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With six dogs to walk, I don't wear skirts so often these days, but my LBS (long black skirt) still does me proud when I need it.

A long black skirt is one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe.
A long black skirt is one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. | Source

The LBS - Your Wardrobe Essential

If you don't own a long black skirt, then your wardrobe could be lacking a vital element. There are so many ways to wear a plain, black skirt that you are only limited by your imagination. You could choose a slinky jersey skirt or a casual cotton and wear it with almost everything else in your wardrobe.

Seeing a long black skirt on a hanger can feel a little intimidating – how do you wear it? What goes with it? Is it too long? What shoes will go with it? Or perhaps you simply think it looks plain and boring? On the contrary, it can be the basis of a very chic capsule wardrobe.

Discover all the styling tricks and tips to make your skirt work hard for you.

Chic and Neat - Office Skirt

Make sure your skirt is perfectly pressed. Tip: always iron your skirt inside out or with a pressing cloth between the fabric and the iron. Team it with a flattering long-line blazer, a cream tank top, a wide red belt and heels. This look will take you into a formal meeting with panache. Remove the jacket and you are ready for informal drinks after work.

Country Girl Skirt

This look works well with fuller, ankle-length skirts. Add a lacy underskirt which is longer than your skirt. Team with a short or crop top and a loose leather belt. Wear with boots in winter or gladiator sandals in summer. Swap the top for a shirt and vest, change your footwear to Victorian lace-up boots and pile on some unusual accessories for a trendy steampunk outfit.


Asymmetrical Long Skirt

Experiment by pinning your skirt up to allow free movement. Expose a little leg or reveal a cute underskirt. Use several pins or brooches to give the skirt a fashionable uneven hemline. Go for a retro 80s feel by wearing with a ruffled blouse and a hat... New Romantic is back!

Fame! Skirt

Team your long skirt with black leggings, a pretty pastel blue or pink ballerina cardigan and pumps. Wrap a long paisley scarf or shawl around your hips and you are good to “live forever”

Long Skirt Layers 1

Layer a long black cotton skirt with a second skirt. This works really well if one of the skirts has a button closure that you can leave half undone to reveal the skirt underneath. Wear with a sweater, scarf and long boots – sheepskin are perfect - for a great, casual winter outfit.

Long Skirt Layers 2

Wear a sheer, chiffon long black skirt over a tight-fitting, strapless. short black dress for instant glamor. If the black skirt has an elastic waist, pull the waistband of the skirt up until it is level with the top of the dress for even more glamor. Tuck the waistband into the top of the dress to keep them firmly attached.

Elesol Women's Summer Beach Basic Elastic Waist Double-layer Long Maxi Skirts Black/M
Elesol Women's Summer Beach Basic Elastic Waist Double-layer Long Maxi Skirts Black/M

This illustrates how chic a sheer black skirt can look, layered over a shorter one. This one is an all-in-one version.


Dress Up Skirt

Transform your long skirt into a dress by wearing with a matching top and a wide belt to cover up the waist band. Add your best jewelry and a pashmina for a night out, or chunky bracelets and a crochet shrug for any other time.

Take it to the Beach

Wear your skirt and a sheer summery top over a bikini. Slip on some pretty sandals, add a big floppy straw hat, pack your gear into a brightly colored tote and head off to the beach. A long skirt is a great way to cover up if you have overdone the sunbathing

Feet First

Wear your skirt with unconventional footwear to make an individual anti-fashion statement. Try it with Converse boots, ballet pumps, Doc Martens, trainers, Crocs or anything you like.

Eclectic Skirt

Try this experiment: put on your long black skirt. Now, try on every other piece in your wardrobe with it. Mix it up. I bet the skirt looks fantastic with that leather flying jacket you never thought you'd wear again. And how about that long wool cardigan/coat? Get out those peeptoe platform shoes – see how beautifully they peep from under a long hemline. Layer, layer, layer. Add those accessories. Try on those hats. That skirt will work with anything!

Put on your multi-colored leggings, pin up that skirt, add a turquoise tee.

Big brassy bangles, a floppy black hat – it's perfect for a fun shoppping spree.

Flickr CC by-sa/2.0
Flickr CC by-sa/2.0 | Source

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      • theraggededge profile image

        Bev G 2 years ago from Wales, UK

        Many thanks for all your lovely comments, Kristen!

      • Kristen Howe profile image

        Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

        Handy tips for wearing long black skirts--I do have a long black floral skirt, if it counts. Voted up for useful, Bev!

      • theraggededge profile image

        Bev G 2 years ago from Wales, UK

        Ha ha... you need that thing! Thanks for reading.

      • Rangoon House profile image

        AJ 2 years ago from Australia

        I saw somebody wearing a long black skirt at the grocery store yesterday, which looked great - then I came across your suggestions - it's a sign!

      • lovesapphire profile image

        Katy 4 years ago from USA

        This is a great Hub! I love all the tips that you gave!

      • denisemai profile image

        Denise Mai 5 years ago from Idaho

        Wow. I've never considered layering two skirts! I'll have to try it. Love the tip about ironing. Nobody likes those shiny iron marks. Great tips!

      • theraggededge profile image

        Bev G 5 years ago from Wales, UK

        Thank you! Have fun with those skirts!

      • phdast7 profile image

        Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

        Hmmmm...I have a couple of long black skirts in the bakl of my closet...think I will have dress up session to see what works. Great Hub.

      • theraggededge profile image

        Bev G 5 years ago from Wales, UK

        I love that crispness that a flouncy petticoat gives! Thanks, Rickki Lee.

        @Carol7777 - glad to inspire you to give your black skirt some love!

      • carol7777 profile image

        carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

        Wow, I am going to get my long black skirt out and wear it. I am going to try it on with other things to see what I like. You covered the black skirt arena very well..

      • Rikkie Lee profile image

        Rikkie Lee 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        I'd be sure to wear a long, full black slip under mine! Or a multi-layered long chiffon petticoat under a fuller skirt.