How to look older: Ways baby faced guys can look older than their age

Updated on November 24, 2013

How to look older? How to shed your image as a baby faced guy? Which clothes should you wear to stop looking like a teenager? From having a beard to bulking up at the gym and from wearing shirts to making mature fashion choices - this post discusses ways in which guys can look a few years older than their age.

Jackets will instantly add volume to your appearance, making you look older.
Jackets will instantly add volume to your appearance, making you look older. | Source

1) Wear jackets over your t-shirt or shirt

Jackets are an unbeatable element when it comes to using clothing to add a few years to your age. This is mainly because jackets add bulk to your body frame. This trick will work best for guys who look way younger than their real age simply because they are skinny.

The right jacket can also make you look older from the perspective of maturity. Wear a nice black suit jacket over a shirt, jeans and shoes when you are going to a party. You will instantly look far more mature than other guys who have walked in wearing t-shirts.

2) Show maturity through your body language

From attraction and love to maturity and attitude, a guy's body language can speak volumes about his emotions and personality. You can use body language as a passive assertion of your age, especially if you think that a baby face is making you look younger. Practice some of these tips to gradually make your body language mature.

  • Stop fidgeting and control involuntary movements of your hands and feet
  • Stand straight and carry a confident posture – stooping while walking or sitting will never let you break out of the shell
  • Don't look down while walking
  • Look at people in the eye when you speak to them
  • Be calm and relaxed

3) Prefer shirts over t-shirts

If you are really suffering from a lack in confidence because you think that you look much younger than you actually are, increase the number of shirts in your wardrobe. Apart from enhancing the maturity in your personality, shirts also add volume to a guy's body frame.

Shirts don't need to be formal and boring. From trendy flannel shirts that look great over jeans to plain ones with stripes and other designs, a nice shirt can really make your personality pop.

4) Deal with your acne

Acne is typical to teenage and for some guys, maybe even the early twenties. If acne is enhancing your baby face look, deal with it by buying a cream or a cleanser to remove and control breakouts.

Follow a regular skincare routine for a couple of months until you have the acne under control.

Hit the gym, lift some weights, pack up on your proteins and follow all this up with a healthy lifestyle.
Hit the gym, lift some weights, pack up on your proteins and follow all this up with a healthy lifestyle.

5) Bulk up by working out: Put on some muscle to look older

Whether you are insecure about your baby face or your frail body frame, an organic way to look older is to hit the gym and bulk up. Train hard, complement your training with protein supplements, switch to a healthy diet and get into nice lifestyle routine.

Bulking up by exercising is not an instant fix but it is possibly the most permanent one. Apart from the fact that a muscular body will make you look older, it will also give you a lot of confidence. Since it is a common perception that girls like men with muscles, having a well-built body will send your self-confidence levels soaring high.

6) Don't wear tight fitting t-shirts or shirts

Guys who are thin should remember that wearing tight t-shirts or shirts will make them look skinnier and younger. Going to the gym for a couple of months isn't reason enough to walk around wearing the skinniest t-shirts to flaunt away muscles that may be more imaginary than real.

Wear shirts and tops that are neither too tight nor too loose. Either way can be a disaster if you don't want to highlight your skinny body frame.

7) Don't wear pants that are too skinny

An extremely skinny silhouette of your legs will work against you if you are trying to look older. Try wearing jeans that are styled as 'slim fit' instead of skinny.

Skinny jeans are a risqué fashion statement when it comes to guys. They look good on men who have the legs to carry them off. But if skinny jeans make your legs look like a pair of matches, avoid wearing them.

8) Don't have a shabby hairstyle with long hair

Long and unkempt hairstyles look good on a select few. But for guys who have a baby face, this can go horribly wrong.

For example, One Direction's Harry Styles can carry off his unkempt quiffs and scruffy hairstyle because he has a large face. Try to imagine Niall Horan with the same hair. It may be a complete disaster. Niall is just as cute and handsome as Harry, if not more. This example simply highlights how certain hairstyles suit only guys with certain features.

Facial hair is an instant remedy for guys who are insecure about looking younger than their real age.
Facial hair is an instant remedy for guys who are insecure about looking younger than their real age.

9) Keep a beard or a moustache

One of the easiest ways to look older than your age is to have a beard, moustache or any other patch of facial hair. It will immediately add at least a couple of years to your face. Even Justin Bieber started growing a moustache to look slightly older.

Don't let your facial hair grow into an unruly beard like the ones that the Duck Dynasty men have. Use a trimmer to trim and style your facial hair so you can continue looking older as well as trendier.

10) Speak in a heavy and deep voice

Guys have forever been using this trick to sound older while talking to girls on the phone. It is undeniable that a heavier and deeper voice can make a teenage guy sound like a twenty something.

Let your vocal chords shine out, open up your voice and don't be meek when you speak to someone. A deep voice can give your personality a complete overhaul.

11) Prefer aviators over sport sunglasses

The type of sunglasses you wear can have a significant impact on the perception of your age from your face. If you want to look older, avoid sleek sport sunglasses which wrap around your eyes.

Instead, wear a pair of the iconic aviator style sunglasses. Aviators have an unmatched appeal which makes them look really cool. Pair these glasses with a black faux leather jacket, denims and rugged boots to look much older and cooler than you are.

12) Wearing a nice watch can make a guy look older

Colorful watches with rubber and nylon straps are typical to teenage. If you want to look older, switch to those which have faux leather or stainless steel straps.

A watch is a timeless fashion accessory for men. With a diminishing value from a functionality perspective, not all guys like to wear watches today. But those who do, certainly portray a mature sense of style.

13) Avoid pastel and light colors for your t-shirt or shirt

Pastel and light colors are more feminine than solid and darker ones like navy blue, dark brown, maroon and black. Keep this in mind while you buy your t-shirts and shirts.

Guys who can carry off t-shirts in pastel shades are generally the ones who are very comfortable about their masculinity and have no hang-ups about their body image. These are the guys who are metrosexual or those with buff bodies who know that they can carry off virtually anything.

If you have a concern about your body image and the way you look younger than you are, avoid pastels for the time being.

14) Don't have your hair styled too short

This applies especially to guys who are trying break out of their teenage shells and break into the abyss of maturity. You will never emerge out of the image of your baby faced self if you get your hair styled too short.

Short hair makes guys look younger. So try styling your hair in a way that adds volume to your face.

Be a good conversationalist, be witty and engage people in good conversations.
Be a good conversationalist, be witty and engage people in good conversations.

15) Speak like an older guy: Developing conversational skills

The way you hold up your conversations say a lot about your maturity. This is why some people often stand out as mature the moment they start talking. You too can have an aura of maturity around your personality by keeping in mind some of these tips.

  • Don't talk too fast
  • Think before speaking
  • Don't be loud in a brash way, but don't be soft spoken either
  • Be well informed by reading newspapers, magazines and books so that you can be a good conversationalist
  • Remain calm during arguments
  • Be witty and use intelligent humor

16) Avoid over the top clothing and fashion accessories

Extreme drop-crotch pants, hoodies and bright shoes may be your fashion statement in your rebellious teens. But if you want to look older and ooze maturity, you should ideally tone these choices down.

Don't confuse this as the end of your trendy looks and the beginning of wearing boring clothes. With drop-crotch pants and colorful shoes, you have just scratched the world of fashion. An ocean of trendy choices and stylish clothes lie ahead.

17) Enjoy the fact that you look young: Stop stressing out

Right now, you may be insecure about how your baby face is making you look younger. But in a decade or two when you are in your thirties, this will be the same quality which will make you look much more handsome and attractive than other guys.

So hold on tight and cherish this unique quality. Don't stress about the fact that you look like a teenager. Enjoy it because this is going to be an asset that other people will envy you for, later on in life.


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    • profile image

      vvv 2 weeks ago

      14 is wrong.

    • profile image

      Mark 5 months ago

      This is kind of bollocks. Baggy clothing makes men look like they’re wearing clothes that are too big. A jacket can sometimes have this affect, so makes them look younger not older. Also, tighter t shirts or shirts make you look older than baggy t shirts and shirts if you’re an average athletic build like myself. Wearing a jacket makes me look skinny, but if I wear a good fitting shirt it properly shows off my body shape which isn’t skinny.

    • profile image

      ben 18 months ago

      probably some of the worsts advices that i had ever heard

    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 4 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Hi...nice hub. The pictures of men you posted sure look young. Its funny how life can be sometimes. I bet when the men are about 10 or 15 years older they will wish that they looked younger. LOL.

      I enjoyed reading it.