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Gorgeous Bridal Lehenga for Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani Brides

I love researching bridal fashion trends from around the world.

Bridal lehenga. Traditional wedding dresses for Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi brides.

Bridal lehenga. Traditional wedding dresses for Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi brides.

Gorgeous Modern Bridal Sarees, Lehenga and Shararas

A wedding is one of the most highly anticipated and special days in a woman’s life. As in many areas of the world, bridal attire is extravagant in a Southeast Asian wedding. As the event nears, though, it can become more and more difficult for the soon-to-be bride to decide what to wear.

The brides of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan traditionally wear sarees, lehenga, and shararas, and it's becoming more common for more gown-type dresses at their weddings. These gowns have intricate designs using traditional zari work, stonework, zardozi and other embellishments.

For centuries, red has been the predominant colour for bridal wear in these regions, but the latest trends include a greater variety of styles and colours. Bright colours were traditionally preferred for being a sign of happiness, but pale colours and pastels are becoming more popular.

What Do Brides Wear in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan?


Brides of Bangladesh traditionally wear wedding sarees in shades of red. But the bridal scene in Bangladesh is changing, and lehengas, shararas and even fusions of western and eastern wedding gowns can be seen adorning the brides of Bangladesh. They traditionally wear a lehenga with a long blouse that covers the stomach area.


Historically, brides of different regions of India wear different attire. Brides of Bengali origin, in Kolkata and South India, wear sarees at their weddings. While brides from more metropolitan areas like Bombay often wear lehengas at their weddings. Indian brides tend to pair wedding lehengas with short blouses that reveal the midriff and navel of the bride.


Pakistani brides generally wear gorgeous bridal shararas (a type of lehenga with a long upper blouse) or heavily embellished knee-length or longer salwar kameez at their wedding.

Different Styles of Lehenga Skirts

A lehenga is three separate pieces of clothing: the skirt, the blouse and the dupatta (a big shawl-like piece of material that drapes over the head of the bride).

A bridal lehenga comes in different shapes nowadays; it is no longer just a skirt with lots of gathering. Lehenga skirts come in the following shapes:

  • Traditional Circle-Cut: These are flowing and voluminous skirts. They are lovely on brides of medium build and height. Full skirts generally look more "bridal" than narrow or mermaid-cut skirts and have more options for embellishment due to the amount of exposed fabric.
  • Straight-Cut: These skirts fall straight from the waist to the hemline at the feet.
  • A-Cut: As the name suggests, these skirts are in the shape of an “A.” They are narrow at the waist and wide at the bottom; much like a traditional ball gown. They create a beautiful silhouette.
  • Mermaid-Cut: Mermaid-cut bridal lehengas are popular in bridal couture, and they look exceptionally gorgeous on tall and fit brides. These skirts create a very sexy, hourglass silhouette.

Fabrics and Embellishments Used to Make Bridal Lehenga

Lehengas are made with a variety of fabrics such as net, chiffon, georgette, silk and even velvet. Velvet skirts have recently become more popular in bridal couture because of the rich shades of colour that can only be achieved in velvet material.

What makes these skirts even more beautiful is the intricate designs on the fabric itself. Bridal lehengas are heavily embellished with beads, sequins, stonework, patchwork, and traditional zardozi work and zari embroidery.


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Hi MJS, the designer sharara titled Designer Bridal Sharara is a pakistani bridal attire by the designer brand called Elan. You can purchase that bridal sharara or similar bridal couture from their website or store in lahore. This is their website: www DOT

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Hi, where can I buy the Peach and pink Feminine Flowing and voluminous Gown type lehenga?

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Aslamalaikum. Hope you are well. The young lady in the white and maroon legenga isn't actually a model, that's her wedding picture. Would it be possible for you to be so kind as to remove from the blog please? Great blog by the way . It's also on Pinterest - any help appreciated ? Xxx

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Hi Annie, Congrats on your up coming wedding. The "Perfect Fuchsia Pink latest bridal lehenga " is by Manish Malhotra and you can get it at his store in India. I have posted another photograph of the same lehenga in different angle above for you. Hope that helps.

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