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Men In Panties – A Basic Guide To Panties

Updated on October 21, 2009

Take your pick fellows...

If you've decided to become a Man in Panties, congratulations. It's a big step, and one you should be proud of. Now that you've decided to wear the panties, it's really time to learn about them. Women's underwear is a strange new world. There are a multitude of fabrics, textures, and cuts to learn about, and you're going to want to learn about most, if not all of them.

The Thong. A thong can be very sexy indeed if you like the 'whale tale' effect. If worn lower, a thong is virtually undetectable, which can be a huge bonus for the Man in Panties who would rather not have VPL (that's visible panty line to the uninitiated) at a business meeting, or in the auto shop, or wherever you might happen to work. Of course, if you spend a lot of time bending over, you may find that the thin strip of material rubs unpleasantly between the cheeks, causing chafing and redness.

Bikini Cut. Bikini cut is a popular simple but sexy cut. Rising high on the hips and leaving a little of the buttocks exposed, the bikini is a good look if you want to try something a little more adventurous without going overboard.

Full brief. For those says when you just want a little more coverage, a full brief covers the entirety of the buttocks. The full brief may appeal more to the older man, or you could perhaps wear a full brief when you want to feel particularly serous or professional.

Now that we have the basic cuts covered, let's look at fabric.

Satin/Silk. Luxuriously soft and supple, the feeling of satin and/or silk against your skin may send you into the heavens with every step you take. These materials are very sensual, sexy, and

Cotton: Very simple, very basic, cotton breathes well and can be a good choice if you're just having a low key kind of day.

Polyblends: The poor man's silk and satin, polyblends can be good for men who want some of the texture of silk and satin, but don't want to pay the heinous price tag.

Lace. Ah lace, the most classic of all the materials. You can purchase panties made entirely of lace, or you can have a little lace trim on an otherwise unadorned pair of panties. Classy as you please, or trashy as you like, lace is versatile and ever so delicious.

Mesh. Mesh is often used in various panels to provide a see through effect. Mesh can be a playful, naughty way to express yourself.

Those are the basics. Now sally forth into your department stores and boutiques and treat yourself, you deserve it.

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    • profile image

      buckey4u 9 years ago

      i love the fit and feel of nylon lady puts them out for me 24/ to hear from all you ladies.buckey

    • lengtaboy profile image

      lengtaboy 9 years ago

      iikeull buttock cut and bikini cut panty.imy favourite is makes me feel sexy and girly.

    • profile image

      Ken 9 years ago

      i love the silkly feel on me. it makes me horny, also i love pantyhose. the wife loves it on me also.. cannt wait till tonight..

    • profile image

      Dave  9 years ago

      i love the feel of panties and thongs so much sexier than boring mens stuff

    • profile image

      Ken 9 years ago

      Yes, silklier the better. Nylons are the biggest turn on for me. When its real cold outside, i love to put some full pantyhose on, it keeps me warm.

    • profile image

      panty king 9 years ago

      love to wear womens panties i wear any thing from sexy silik to sleek and comfortable the laidies love me when i'm wearing my sexyist pair

    • profile image

      Matt 9 years ago

      i love wearing womens lingerie. i never wear dull and boring mens underwear i always have panties on, it makes me feel sexy and kinky and girls love it!

    • profile image

      mheinonen 9 years ago

      i wear panties and and bras all the time

    • profile image

      tom 9 years ago

      I love my panties, everytime i put them on (24/7) i get a wonderfull feeling about myself. I find the sensation of the fabric, nylon, satan, lace or silk very appealing. The fit is just fine, the narrow crotch is very comfortable and sensious. My wife is happy with my choices and shops with me when i buy new panties. I just wish we wore the same size so that we could share them with each other, i wear a smaller size than she does ( me 5 -she 8).

    • profile image

      mark 9 years ago

      My choice of panties vary day to day. Some days it's a flowery thong to a pair of plain yellow bikini.

    • profile image

      silkpantyboy 9 years ago

      I wear silk or nylon panties daily my girl friend got me started wearing panties and I love them .so now I have over 100 pair of fine nylon and silk panties and she buys me panties when she goes shopping and I buy them my panties

    • profile image

      pantiesrule 9 years ago

      i love wearing thongs and bikini underwear. they are so much more comfertable then regular boys underwear cause your stuff doesn't stick to ur legs

    • profile image

      Calvino 8 years ago from Canada

      Being wearing panties for last 6 years 24/7. Don't care if I get seen in public. The other day I went to garage sales and accidently having them poking out to see what people will say, but the only thing I noticed was a few girls looking and smiling!!!

    • profile image

      Gemini II 8 years ago

      Been wearing panties for at least 20 years. I now wear panties 24/7. Like Calvino said, I sometimes let my pantie show over my trousers to catch peoples reactions. Men usually do nothing, most women just smile. Ocassionally young girls will giggle a little. I love it.

    • profile image

      pantyluver 8 years ago

      Wish I could wear them 24/7. Wife would blow a gasket! Absolutely love lace boyshorts-nothing better, except the occasional lace thong.

    • profile image

      Me Myself 8 years ago

      I just started wearing Womens lingerie. I love the feeling of them very nice feeling my Fiancé actually told me to try them on felt embarresed at first but learned that it turn her on a lot after wearing them for a while now they are a lot better than regular boxers or briefs I love wearing the boyshorts fit me very well

    • profile image

      panties in public 8 years ago

      I like to wear satin panties even though they are getting harder and harder to find cheap. I like to wear white shorts with pink silk panties. I know you can see right through them. I only wear them to stores where the emoployees are mostly female. I went to a Wallgreens and bought two pairs of silk panties from the lady at the cosmetics register, one pair red and the other pair dark pink. I went back the next morning with white cotton shorts and the red panties under. When I walked by her, she followed me around a little. I was wearing a baseball cap and knowing that she was following me, I stopped at the area where they sell the fake pony tails. I stood there bending and looking like I was searching the whole while she was behind me or where she could see. She then came up behind me, picked two pony tails and held them up by me and said this one or this one. She was helping me match my hair color.

    • profile image

      dale 8 years ago

      been wearing pantys scince i was a little boy wow my mother freaked when she saw me the first time but now my wife loves them it turns her on boy shorts are the best love the pastel colors

    • profile image

      John 8 years ago

      Hope, I Fell in love with Panties at around 5yo. I'm 49 wear them all the time now + panty hose, girdles, corsets, bras, shoes etc.. Always sleep in soft sexy gowns. No where near passable but I do wear, at least panties, when I go out. I'd like to find a woman that was turned on knowing what's next to my skin. Your hubs have given me some courage to let some ladies "catch me" wearing. As you say, Hope: It's my life, it's what I feel, if you don't approve, tough, I ain't askin' for your leave to live my life!

      Thanks Hope

    • profile image

      scantilyclad 8 years ago

      Panties 24/7 for me except visits to the doc or undressing in public, lets face it they are only fabric it is society that has to put a label of "boys wear" or "girls wear" on everything, if you could go into a store and womens and mens underwear was in a big bin together and not in separate "mens" & "womens" sections i bet most of us would wear panties especially once you try them they are so much more comfortable, but the clever manufacturers & retailers wouldn't make as much money so i don't see it happening

    • profile image

      Jack 8 years ago

      I've been wearing panties since 10. I wear thongs or bikinis 24/7. The girlier the better. I've had some girls notice, many smile, some laugh. but one took me ut shoping for more panties!. That's kick ass.

    • profile image

      tedertodder 8 years ago

      I love the bikini cut nylon or silk. two pairs are even better. the feeling of the two pairs slipping against my crotch is out of this world....

    • profile image

      pantylover 8 years ago

      IMy passion is to wear sheer panties Oh I love it.

    • profile image

      Aaron  8 years ago


      I love wearing panites & bras; my wife hates it: I also will wear two pairs at once and a body shaper: I also love the feel of a kotex between my leg.

      I love tight panties; one or two sizes too small.mty favorites are pink and soft blue; silk; rayon; no cotton.


    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      I love wearing panties, but I can't wear them often. Too risky in my social environment for my tastes.

      Thongs, bodies (called teddies in america) and bikinis are my favorites.

    • profile image

      Coral 7 years ago

      Ive been wearing womens pantys for at least 10 years now,24/7 . I also wear womens shorts and tank tops out on public all of the time.

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 7 years ago

      Hi-cut or French cut panties are my choice for any function. Cotton for the SC heat and nylon/spandex combinations for the sexy feels!

    • profile image

      Bernie 7 years ago

      There is nothing wrong with boys wanting to wear soft pretty things. Why should girls be the only ones who can enjoy the special feelings that female clothing brings to anyone who wears it. I have been cross dressing for many years and I love wearing lingerie 24/7. My wife supports me 100 percent!

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 7 years ago

      Would love to wear 24/7 but cant, wife and society won’t allow it. Oh, it is Hi-cut or French cuts only for me though! Bernie, wish my wife was supportive. Thanks Hope!

    • profile image

      randy 7 years ago

      i love wearing sexy silk and lace pantys.i have on a silk pair of hot pink pantys and matching bra now thay fill so good on me.i wear them 24/7.i have about 100 pair!!!!i will never stop wearing them.

    • profile image

      Cory Smith 7 years ago

      I know that my girlfriend especially loves when I have a silky pair on that covers all my parts completely. Some styles of panties, especially the hipster, look and fit very nicely on the male figure. A thong or thin lacy item can result in the male member falling out or being too constricted. So, if you're trying to impress your mate by wearing lingerie, make sure to keep this in mind.

    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 7 years ago

      I am a man in girls panties/underwear and bras too. I am proud of my self doing this. I like the bikini and hi cut panties the best of all. I am also proud to wear girls bras too. I feel honored for that and I don't care what other people think about me doing this because it's personal.

    • profile image

      Sandy 7 years ago

      Like you I love my panties and bras

    • profile image

      iluvpanty43 7 years ago

      been lookin for this since i was 8. thought i was the olny one. glade to find y'all.

    • profile image

      wingnut 7 years ago

      I love wearing panties, and panty girtles are my favorite. I love the tight feel and the boys not getting tangled up. and the silker the better. Don't have a wife but love the feel

    • profile image

      Radovich 7 years ago

      I have been wearing panties since I was young and I feel that they are more comfortable than mens underwear. I like the basic cotton bikini because it is comfortable and looks like mens micro briefs. I tend to get embarrassed when shopping for panties but my wife seems to support what I wear. I like cotton bikinis that are plain, with no lace because they are comfortable and still very manly. In the mens section there is virtually the same bikini underwear just one is comfortable and the other leaves me sore and uncomfortable in places.

    • profile image

      Pantyboy 10 months ago

      I have been wearing panties since before I was five. I would rub myself through them until I had a dry orgazim. I wear them 24/7 now and have grown into a size 12. I'm a big, fat assed pantyboy now. I have some with lace-trimmed access openings in the rear for my black friends.

    • profile image

      Tim 10 months ago

      dressing for 20+ years. Wear daily, usually thongs, g-strings & lace boy shorts. Usually have garter on too. Love the femi sissy ruffled panties too. Stockings on today and the feel of garter strap on my thighs is quite arousing. A matching 42DDD full cup bra ain't bad either. wife and our GFF buy most of my panties for us. I am very lucky to have 2 gals that buy for me.

    • profile image

      New and excited 7 months ago

      I bought my first pair today. Pink lacy thong. While I was checking out the very cute cashier commented, those are cute, Christmas present for your girlfriend. I was immediately flushed, confidently I said, no, they are for me. It was awesome, someone else knowing I will be wearing panties. Big turn on for me. So she asked if I enjoy wearing panties. I said im sure I will, this is my fist pair. I was really surprised when she told me to come back and let her see how they look on me. Trust me, im going back to buy more tomorrow. I will wear my new pair above my pants, hopefully someone else notices.

    • profile image

      cooper 4 months ago

      man, 50 ish, love to wear wifes panties....she knows too

    • profile image

      Phil 4 months ago

      I love wearing panties, bras and nighties mainly sexy bikini style because on the slack I am quite small in the penis and testicle area and off the rack sets suit me fine, obviously I wear padded bras for the nice breast look, my wife and I both go shopping for my lingerie, she loves me walking around the house because currently I am learning to wear heels

    • profile image

      Michael 2 months ago

      Love wearing panties. The first time I wore them was when my man undies were all in the wash. My girlfriend told me to wear a pair of hers. I did and wow I had no idea they would feel so good, much more comfort than men's. The silky was so comfortable. I have been wearing them ever since.

      Women seem to like them. Even had a lady to say that I should wear lace. I am not that daring however.

      Like many people say, wear what you like. Many women wear men's boxers so what is good for them , then we should be able to wear what we like.

    • profile image

      Pantiecomfortluvinfun 2 months ago

      My biggest thing is "Why the heck do women get to have all the fun? Share the pantie comfy loving joy and fun!" I mostly love thongs but I also enjoy string bikinis and just about any type of skimpy little bikinis, or sometimes full coverage briefs. Recently I've really been enjoying cheeky panties and some lacy things. I love the way they feel on my backside. I mostly just love the comfort of panties, the feel of stretchy nylon, polyester or cotton on my skin. I think there's a certain kind of mental and emotional comfort there as well that has a soul soothing effect. Most panties don't completely cover my man parts but I'm good with a sewing machine so I modify them a bit and they fit fine. I'm not into bras at all. I like plain regular tank tops to go with my "fun undies" as I like to call them. I'm a totally straight guy and my wife was a little weirded out at first but she's pretty much ok with it now. She's not quite 100% with it (but almost) so when I'm home by myself I will watch tv or cook or work on a puzzle or something and wear my tank top and fun undies for a while and bask in the comfort of it all.

    • profile image

      Eric 8 weeks ago

      Briefs are the best. Cant wait to put on each day. Nothing better than rubbing through the zipper

    • profile image

      Boschra 7 weeks ago

      I like wearing thongs. I've never felt so sexy. But in sommer I sweat a lot and it feels so terrible, Burning and itchy. Does anybody have an advice for wearing thongs in Sommer for men?

    • profile image

      johnfreer 2 weeks ago

      When I got remarried I made sure my wife to be knew i wore panties. On our honeymooon i received a pair of vintage silk tap panties with a zipper from the 40's. Later my wife found me a lace panty at matshalls. Why so special? They are Perla.

      Been wearing them for years! I am truly a lucky guy!

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