Modern Day Bad Boy Look

Updated on November 25, 2016

The Bad Boys

We all know who they are. They ooze confidence and sexuality. Their attitude says out loud "you don't wanna mess with me". Girls hate to love them and guys want to be them. A breed of men that has existed forever. They are the heart-breakers, yet they somehow always get new hearts to play with. Yes, I'm talking about the bad boys. The attitude comes from within, but it is expressed through clothes. The bad boys don't just wear anything. They wear only what helps them express their inner badness. In this article, I try to express my idea of a modern day bad boy's outfit.



T-Shirt is a very simple piece of clothing. Made popular by Marlon Brando, it was only worn as an undershirt before. James Dean took it to another level in his films. You can always go with the classic white tee but don't be afraid to try other colors with the exception of bright colors. Bright colors kill the soul of that laid back badass look. Try to go with plain t-shirts. Bad boys usually don't wear button downs unless they are plain and dark colors. T-shirt gives an impression that you are easy going, comfortable, and don't take things too seriously. It's a staple for a bad boy look.

Jeans or Chinos

There you go. I rebel against the popular idea that bad boys only wear jeans. Chinos are more badass than jeans. Khakis (the grandmother of all chinos) come from military background compared to jeans that comes from working class background. You be the judge. But here's the catch: you can only wear chinos with dark colors and by dark I mean either dark blue or black. If not, stick with the jeans. Make sure it fits you close but avoid skinny fit.


From James Dean in "Rebel without a Cause" to Damon Salvatore in "The Vampire Diaries". I have never seen a bad boy wearing any shoes but boots. Try to choose between combat, chelsea and chukka boots. Bad boys always wear black boots. Boots send a signal of ruggedness and girls love a man who is tough and would be able to protect them in a difficult situation. You can wear boots on a hot sunny day, as well as in Canadian winter.They are versatile, comfortable, functional and bad, enough said.


Leather or Denim Jacket

The black leather jacket is usually considered one item that completes the bad boy look. I would agree that black leather jacket is an essential item in a classic bad boy wardrobe. It's the one ultimate piece of clothing that, alone, is enough to introduce one as having a bad boy persona. Guys wore it in 1950's and still wear it. There are different styles of leather jackets. Try to go with the classic biker or relatively more modern bomber style Although, in my opinion a leather jacket is not the only option for a guy who wants to give bad boy vibes. When weather gets a bit hotter, a denim or trucker jacket works just as good on a bad boy outfit. If you decide to go for a denim jacket, make sure the color and shade are not the same as your jeans.



James Dean, the original bad boy, used to wear a black leather trap watch. A nice leather strap watch is always a good accessory to add to your bad boy outfit. A modern bad boy would also wear different kinds of bracelets on his wrist. There is a reason behind it. Bracelets are usually considered feminine but bad boy wears them to make a statement that he doesn't care what society thinks and does whatever he wants.


Bad boys don't come in a standard haircut style so you can choose to wear a hairstyle that suits you the best. As far as facial hairs are concerned, you can choose to be clean shaven or have a bit of stubble. A full beard doesn't really work with the 'boy' in bad boy persona in my opinion.

Final Words

I love the bad boy look because of its simplicity yet the ability to make a strong and hard-to-forget impression on everyone. These were just some basic guidelines but think Marlon Brando, James Dean, Johnny Depp, Ian Somerhalder etc. for your bad boy outfit inspiration. Good Luck!


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