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My Review of Clarks Shoes: The Most Comfortable Footwear

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These shoes are too comfortable to take off.

These shoes are too comfortable to take off.

In my 60 plus years, I have owned many shoes of many brands and styles. I've always had sensitive and wide feet, and I cannot wear a shoe that is hard or pointed in shape. The most comfortable shoes I've found are made by Clarks. The "Alston Edge" model is ideal, and I highly recommend it.

Clarks Shoes Background

Obviously, there are many good brands of shoes. Some are excellent, both in quality and style. Some have name recognition, and some are just chic. Clarks have been making shoes since 1825. What makes this brand unique is the comfort and the long-lasting wear. The shoe is also very reasonably priced. It is as good or better than some shoes costing 2 to 3 times as much.

Another feature of this brand of shoes is that it comes in both regular width and wide width. Since my feet are wider than most, this shoe is the only one that really fits me.

I can't attest for other models from this company, but this particular model of "Allston Edge Tan Nubuck" is the one I have worn and swear by.

  • Excellent comfort
  • genuine leather
  • wide option
  • beautiful style
  • vent holes
  • soft cushion
  • rubber treads for non slip wear
  • weather resistant
  • Low cost

Clarks Loafers


I have owned three pairs of this shoe. I can attest to their comfort and quality. It is truly a working shoe. I can wear it all day and still be comfortable at the end of the day. It is also very long-lasting. I would wear it almost everyday for two years straight. Again, I highly recommend them. If you shop around, you can get them on sale for around $60 a pair. What a great deal!

Unfortunately, Clarks has discontinue production on this particular model. I recommend similar models from Clarks such as the ones shown below. You may be able to find it on eBay or other sources.

New Models of Clarks Shoes

I purchased the Northam Pace model recently. They are very comfortable, as usual. The shoe is well-made with a soft leather top and artificial molded soles that include paddings.


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