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Updated on November 23, 2009
Just some of the panties from
Just some of the panties from
A pair of panties from
A pair of panties from

When a man decides to wear panties, he is faced with a decision. Either he purchases women's underwear and wears it, or he purchases specialty underwear that is made of the same fabric as women's underwear, but is cut to accommodate the manly parts that women lack.

One would think that men would opt for the underwear designed for men, but it would seem from the comments on these hubs where men have mentioned what panties they like to wear, that men often prefer to wear women's lingerie. In my own experience too, men who like to wear lingerie generally elect to wear women's panties rather than special panties for men.

This is a discussion of the pros and cons of men's and women's lingerie. Comments are more than welcome if you'd like to share your own favorites.

The Comfort Factor

It is a simple fact that men's and women's bodies are different, and in more ways than the obvious. Not only do men and women have different equipment, they are also shaped noticeably differently. Men tend to be longer in the panty region, and women's hips make their bodies rounder. Thus panties designed especially for men are generally much longer than women's panties, and have extra space in the crotch region.

This would appear to be advantageous, as it provides for a more 'natural' fit, but many men seem to enjoy the more restrictive feeling that wearing women's lingerie provides. It is also worth noting that most fabrics will stretch to accommodate the male figure, rendering a special panty for the purpose obsolete.

He's Got The Look

From what I have seen, many panties designed for men don't actually look like women's underwear when they are being worn. They tend to be cut long, and have an appearance somewhere between a bloomer and a diaper. Perhaps this is a harsh comment, but the effect of creating a panty that covers the body from a man's waist to his upper thighs is not at all like the effect that wearing a womans panty, where the material tends to cling to the skin.

Depending on your reason for wanting to wear women's lingerie, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Men who purely wear women's lingerie for the feel of the material may find panties designed for men to be the perfect solution. Men who like not only the feel of the material, but also the feel of the particular way women's panties cling to the body will probably find panties designed for men to be unsatisfying.

On the plus side, panties designed for men do tend to have a great deal of detail on them. Because the manufacturers understand that their clientel is in love with pretty colors, lace, and smooth silky fabrics, you will generally find that Panties for Men or Manties as they are sometimes known are more feminine in appearance than most women's underwear.


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    • profile image

      Dan 11 days ago

      I love wearing sexy ladies panties and sexy lingerie. Sexy ladies panties feel wonderful and I'll definitely never stop wearing panties for comfort and such great sexy feeling wearing panties.

    • profile image

      David 3 weeks ago

      Hi why don't we these panties for men in south Africa

    • profile image

      Pantyboner 3 weeks ago

      Vanity Fair 15712 for the win!

    • profile image

      VanityF 5 weeks ago

      I have been wearing Vanity Fair nylon full cut panties since 1975. Started wearing my moms and been wearing ever since. Glad my wife has no problem with it.

    • profile image

      Mark 3 months ago

      I only wear panties also, I hate guys underwear.

    • profile image

      Mark 4 months ago

      I wear women's nylon full brief panties and bras .and tights

    • profile image

      Joshua David boisclair 4 months ago

      I wear women’s bali skimp Skamp nylon briefs size 8 and nine and they are. The comfortable ever recommend for All men

    • profile image

      Mark 5 months ago

      I wear women's clothes.i like panties and bra.i have for 40years I started at14.

    • profile image

      ed 5 months ago

      Worn panties since six, bras came later. Now at 75 ,I've been wearing Vanity Fair panties for over 60 yrs. Wife buys some for me from time to time. Doesn;t mind at all.

    • profile image

      Purveyorofpanties 8 months ago

      Having been a wearer of women's panties for over 30 years, it is my preference to wear exclusively the vintage nylon styles of the 50's and '60's.

      This steams from my early panty experiences from the 1960's, when lingerie was quality.

      It's also the nice wide double fabric gusset...

      Keeps me in a semi state of arousel.

    • profile image

      pntyluv 9 months ago

      Love wearing panties. Its not only the comfort, but mostly for turn on of wearing a women's intimate. The softer the better. Lace also adds a sexy touch. There are times that I enjoy the feeling of my panty riding up my butt. That is a constant reminder that I have on panties. It will create some VPL so beware.High cut is one of my everyday panty choices.

    • profile image

      April 11 months ago

      I am where I don't wear white clothing more women's panties and bras nice dresses nice high heels T so I love to wear pretty panties and pretty bras

    • profile image

      Me 11 months ago

      I wear womens underwear for support. I'm normal size but I shrink up, and whitey tighties suck. The pocket in the front you have to fill degrades you. Panties are soft, supportive. Mens underwear SUCKS they just dont get it.

    • profile image

      jamie cross 13 months ago

      i like wearing women panties, because i had not idea they made panties for men. bikini on special occasions,mostly just pantie style.

      i love the feel i get from themes sexual, so sensual

    • profile image

      bicycle boy 16 months ago

      I am a man,i have been wearing panties for years and I love the feel.they are very slick on my private parts.they do there job.and they are great,i love them.

    • profile image

      Annette 17 months ago

      Only wear women's Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours, Lace Nouveau, and Shadowline silky nylon full brief panties.

      These are the best quality and silkiest nylon panties of all to wear.

      The ultimate nylon panties for me.

      Have many of them, and always buying more.

      My lingerie drawers runneth over with them.

      Other nylon panties brands are just ok.

    • profile image

      kendra 18 months ago

      I enjoy very much wearing women's panties. I have been wearing panties for 5 years now. I never wear men's underware anymore. Panties feel so much better. I'm trying to wear bra's in public but am still nervous about the idea. I have read the article about men wearing bra's to work. I'm trying to get over my fear of being noticed with a bra on.

    • profile image

      ''Fern'' Que,Canada 18 months ago

      I'm a man 66 years old, I prefer women panties, and specially I like to wear those Vanity Fair Ravissant Panties # 15712 panties all day long, they are better then men regular brief, it's like having a second skin on you,and even in bed with a Vanity Fair Nightgown too, a perfect match I think they are the most silky undergarment on the market, and also at a reasonable price too, and we can find it in different color too,don't be afraid to wear those women panties, just go for it.............

    • profile image

      Pantyboy 18 months ago

      I was a panty thief as a child and into my 20's. I love the feel of nylon tricot on my body. Now I wear them every day and my wife does not know. I got started before I was five years old and will never stop wearing them.

    • profile image

      Dan long 23 months ago

      I love wearing knickers that are designed for men.

      I have a lovely, understanding wife and tge young ladies who design my knickers/panties are lovely and understanding too.

      I'm known has the bodyguard in and out of work, so I wear panties/knickers that are designed for men to help me chill.

      Plus knickers/panties are more comfortable and more softer than mens pants.

    • profile image

      Nylon panty lover 23 months ago

      I have been wearing women's panties for over fifteen years and I agree with most men that if you want to wear panties wear women's panties. I have tried both and women's panties fit best!

    • profile image

      Wife buys my panties 24 months ago

      I have been wearing bras and panties for years. Most everything I wear comes from HommeMystere web site. And every morning my wife selects my bra and panty set. And I'm very comfortable with this arrangement.

    • profile image

      Nolyn 7 years ago

      My one experience in buying "panties for men" from was a negative experience mostly due to the fact that they were poorly made. It's a lot easier to just shop for women's panties at the store - you can see what your getting and they are generally well made.

    • profile image

      pantylover1 7 years ago

      I wear custom made "mens panties" just because I cant wear real womens panties to work. the silky fabric is just as soft and silky as my wifes olga but made for men. when I am not working I have my lacy womens panties on. as long as they are silky I will wear them.I have tried manties and

      jg2 and dont really dont care for either fabric

      just dont work. I spend a great deal of cash on my underwear. either satique or on ebay

    • profile image

      sissychuck44 8 years ago

      I only wear real, authentic women's panties. Manties not only don't look like real panties but they don't fit like "real" panties. If I'm going to bother wearing panties, I want the REAL panties and get the full effect of wearing women's panties, not men's panties. There is something taboo about wearing women's clothing made for women as opposed to wearing women's clothing made for men.

      I prefer the cut, the look and the feel and knowing that they were designed and made for women. it's far more exciting and emotionally rewarding wearing the real thing, shopping in the women's section of the stores and wearing what women would actually wear.

    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      I am a man. I wear panties all the time. But I won't go for these "mens panties" that are now out in these sites. I wear the womens/girls panties that you get at Wal-Mart, Sears, ETC that are sold in the womans/girls lingerie departmants.

      I intend to stick with the actual girls and womens panties/underwear and the actual womens and girls bras as well. I won't wear the "panties for men" nor "bras for men".I just stick with the womens/girls stuff. Besides, if you want to wear bras and panties, get the real womens and girls stuff like I do and wear. It's the whole fun of it to wear the actual girls and womens underwear and bras.

    • profile image

      silklover 8 years ago

      I love my selection of panties. I have also chosen women panties due to other reasons. I would love to see more women support the men in this. Reading Hopes writings it fully supports what a man wants to wear. I am not against cross dressers. In fact i support them. My wife does support me wearing panties, other than that she don"t agree with. I can live with that, and respect her for what she wants and likes. In fact i have tried a bra and not happy with the looks or fit. I will stick to my panties and be happy that me and my wife enjoys my panties. I also enjoy when she wears matching panties with me. In short men if you want to wear panties, bras or anything else go for it and don't hide it.

    • profile image

      Little Princess dani 8 years ago

      I not only love my pink panties, I see myself as a girl in "most" ways. I just love to put delicate panties on and feel sweet and girly. You are a wonderful person, Hope! Not everyone understands this.

    • profile image

      suki 8 years ago

      Fine European lingerie- French and Italian- are the best ! I could wear these all the time and enjoy extended sessions of massage while wearing them for my partner's pleasure.

    • profile image

      gurlinside 8 years ago

      Personally, I have been wearing panties since my mother dressed me in them as a young child. As a middle age man, I still love them. My wife now buys them for me often but balks at the lacy frilly type. I wear them everyday, even to the doctors office as I do not own any male underwear. I have purchased panties from xdress and from other specialty shops but they are much more expensive than the run of the mill ladies panties and personally, I like the high of wearing ladies panties. The xdress panties I have purchased do hold up though. One thing I love about wearing ladies panties is the VPL and the lines of the crotch area. Mens panties do not have the cotton liner and thus do not have the look that I adore. Personally, If I am going to wear panties, I want to look in the mirror and see a visible panty line that looks accurate.

    • profile image

      PantyLuvr 8 years ago

      Arrrggghhhh!!!!! Shadowline has gone out of business! I loved, loved their 11042 Hipster.

    • profile image

      bigboy 8 years ago

      yes, why don`t you people package womens in mens packages , and sell them in stores for men. in m/ s/ l i would really like to see that happen real soon.

    • profile image

      Panty-Lov 8 years ago

      for a couple days now I have been reading this site. Today I was going in and out of hospitals(12) for my job, this site mde me want to be adventurous. I wore my 6 strap garter belt, black lace top stockings back seem, and pink ruffled boy cut rhumba panties. I did a lotof walking though hospitals talkking to doctors, yes it was a thrill feeling the straps on the back of my legs with every step I took.

      I almost exclusively wear panties under my ladies pants, and either the tin ladies pant socks or PH. No i do not try to hide it under my legs, nd yes I have been caught. My pants today were light enough tht the straps could be seen if you knew to look. I also like to wear Ph under shorts, or with an oocasional Denim or my leather skirt, both knee leangth. It definitely is fun beeing a secure male.

      I remember dressing in my sisters clothes at 8 yrs old, today I have my own wardrobe. I also don't see a problem with a t-shirt dress or a caftan type outfit. I don't think I woul go much further thou.

    • profile image

      bill I love panties 8 years ago

      I love panties.

      Bill Kelley

    • profile image

      Chrissy 9 years ago

      I have been wearing panties, bras, lingerie, and female clothing virtually all my life. I had an overwhelming desire to dress as a girl by the time I was 5 years old. In my opinion, wearing panties and girly things in general come from the need that some of us guys have to be feminine women. We love to be women in every way and slipping into a soft, pretty pair of panties, a new shiny satin bra, or some pretty lingerie satisfies that need and makes us crave it again and again. To meet this need, we need to be able to purchase and wear panties, lingerie, and clothing that is designed for women, not some ugly tacky looking garment that was designed for men but with feminine qualities. We do not think like men. We are women in every regard except for our physical bodies and we want to look, feel, and be treated as such. I personally love being a woman and will never be able to buy enough pretty panties, bras, lingerie, and pretty clothes to satisfy me.

    • robin48 profile image

      robin48 9 years ago

      I only wear womans panties such a thrill to look pretty..amd feel pretty

    • profile image

      BigDan 9 years ago

      Panties from are the best available. The Hi-cut satintrique panties fit exellent for men.(get 1 size smaller than you usually get) They have others without a cotton crotch. Their slips are great. They have the silkiest fabric ever. You can find them on e-bay but are cheaper on their web site. The slips are cheaper on e-bay.

      The bad thing is they are going out of business this summer 2009 so get what you can now. They are much better than Vanity fair or Victoria Secrets.

      I've been wearing their panties for more than 15 years and have a drawer full and am stocking up. Try them once and you will scramble to get more quick.

    • profile image

      jim 9 years ago

      I started at 13 wearing my mom's pink nylon full cut panties. I stopped just before I got married, but after a year or so I tactfully brought up the idea that her panties looked comfy. My lovely wife told me to try on a pair. From then on we/ve both been wearing Vanity Fair full cut nylon briefs. Her age is an unlisted nuimber, but Im eighty. Thirteen to eight is. . . You do the math.

    • profile image

      Robin B 9 years ago

      My wife has paid a lot for silk boxers for me. The soft, light, tickly fabric makes nice sleepwear. The lack of stretch manifests as splits in the fabric the next morning weven in the largest sizes. Non-stretch satin produces the same result. I coninue wearing them after they split so that she won't feel badly. For me these these are better suited to vertical activities.

      To avoid splitting, stretch panties hug and can hide a bulge if you want to. Didn't Maasters & Johnson report that 77% of men wear or have worn their wife's or girlfriend's underwear? I guess I'm not the only one who enjoys that endorpen rush - that "peaceful easy feeling." Cuddling, snuggling, spooning when both wear a loose nightgown is another source for those endorphens.

      Here's an unexpected bonus: until the onset of my wife's arthritis, my wife would massage my shoulders after a long drive. When I wore a bra (or backpack) the straps would pinch close to the aching muscle. I would always push the straps closer to my neck. Now I enjoy a racer-back sports bra that hits the spot for 2 reasons.

    • profile image

      pink12 9 years ago

      Pantielover has hit the nail on the head so to speak. Why in the world would I want to buy panties made for men! Vantie Fair make about the the best soft and silky pantie I have found. You can buy them for a good price compared to the crazy high price they want for Manties or any other pantie made for men. My wife and I have a great time going to the store and buying them for her and I. I have benn wearing silky panties for 35 years and love every minute of it.

    • pantielover profile image

      pantielover 9 years ago

      thr thrill of having womans panties next to your softest spot is a thrill that no pantie made for men can give you . panties are sexy,taboo,forbiden ,arowsing .A pantie made for men takes all of that alure away and leaves you with a mans undershorts that no woman would ever wear .We wear panties to fil a sexy need inside that mens underwear can not fill.

      You can lie to yourself and say that it is ONLY the matirial but in that case the manties still look like panties .so why bother ,it is just someone trying to make money on our choice of attire .

      the entire allure of womens undies is that they are WOMENS undies.

    • profile image

      Jeffsize8 9 years ago

      I too am a married man of 30 years and I began wearing panties when I grew tired of finding nylon bikini underwear to only have a store stop carrying them.

      After discussing it with my wife I decided that nylon panties would always be around and began wearing them 24/7. love it because I have so many choices in fabric, styles, and colors.

      I wear Nylon and Satin Brief, bikini, string bikini, hipster, and control brief panties and womens fit me great! I guess because there aint to much down there.:)

    • profile image

      peanut918 9 years ago

      I agree with nylon & ross I also love the nylon panties of yesteryear. I like them so much that I probably spend close to a $100 a month on Ebay shopping and buying brief and vintage style panties, this is not to mention the panties that my wife buys for me. She loves it that iam comfortable with her and myself, it has made our relationship as strong as I've ever had. I've been wearing panties for about 30+ years and have loved every minute of it.

    • profile image

      nylon panties 9 years ago

      I agree with Ross...I love the nylon panties from yesteryear that my mom & sisters wore. The kind that had the double nylon in the crotch. I really do wish that I could find a manufacturer that still makes them like that.

    • profile image

      Ken 9 years ago

      I wear womens panties because they are panties. Manties are usually made cheap with lower end materials. I like quality fabrics as I am a very tactile person. I only own items created by Victoria's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood. I have tried panties made for men and was turned off by the low grade fabric. It is also much easier to go to the store and shop then play a guessing game with online purchases. I would rather have bras and panties of high quality than high quantity.

    • profile image

      Dave 9 years ago

      Personally, I like the full silky lacy satiny most femenine panties because I think if I want to wear panties, I should go the whole hog. But they are impossible to buy over the counter. Which department stores offer the best off the shelf panties?

    • profile image

      Ross 9 years ago

      I agree with both your assesments Hope but you left out one other aspect of wearing traditional ladies panties.....the mental/emotional THRILL of wearing panties meant to be only worn by WOMEN. site offers the perfect 3rd alternative. I go to true panty manufactures and have them make there regular panties but with double nylon gussets rather than the panties from the 50's and 60's. In every other way they ARE ladies panties. some cases...I suply the fabics as today panty manufactures use the cheapest nylon fabric available while I supply fabrics of vintage nylon quality.

    • profile image

      Sam_T 9 years ago

      I agree with the your assessment about how Panties made for men (Manties) don't

      really don't look like womens panties. I also think that they are extremely overdone. Even the xdress variety. Personally, I will stick to my women's hipsters, boyshorts and thongs. They are more accessible and there is such a huge variety out there that is infinitely more tasteful.

      And they are far more comfortable...sometimes even more so with a careful alteration at a dressmaker.

    • profile image

      jeimy lacy 9 years ago

      This is true and applies not only to panties but to many other items. In my opinion even the most efeminate pink silk shirt will have no chance if compared with any simple and severe cotton blouse. It is not a matter of fabrics, colors or designs, it is a matter of gender identities.