Rockabilly Clothing Online Shopping for Men

Updated on March 10, 2016
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Kitty went to school for fashion design and merchandising. She loves to design, sew, and create fashion inspired by the past.

Electric kickin' rockabilly band with hip duds.
Electric kickin' rockabilly band with hip duds. | Source
Daddyo's retro bowling shirt for only $39.95.
Daddyo's retro bowling shirt for only $39.95.
Booze and Bones Western Shirt also at Daddyo's.
Booze and Bones Western Shirt also at Daddyo's. | Source
Liquorbrand Men's Skull Zip Sweater at
Liquorbrand Men's Skull Zip Sweater at | Source
Bomber Truck Men's Tee at  Sizes Small to 4XL!
Bomber Truck Men's Tee at Sizes Small to 4XL!
Hilary Jane Deadsea Tshirt on
Hilary Jane Deadsea Tshirt on
Men's White Wash Black Denim Pants at
Men's White Wash Black Denim Pants at
Vintage '40s bowling shirt at
Vintage '40s bowling shirt at

The Coolest Rockabilly and Psychobilly Threads Online

There are hundreds of websites that sell rockabilly gear for the ladies...but how about the rockabilly guys out there? Trust me, there's plenty of cool rockabilly gear for the fellas, too. You just have to know where to look. Rockabilly clothing can be found newly manufactured and can also be found in rockabilly vintage form, from the forties and fifties. Did you know that there are different styles within the Rockabilly style itself? Whatever style Rockabilly you are, there is something online to fit your unique rockabilly clothing needs.

The first website I highly recommend for kickin' rockabilly wear is They have the widest array of men's rockabilly bowling shirts...all newly manufactured so they have that extra rockabilly flair. Some of the bowling shirts are even Charlie Sheen's brand! Not that everyone wants to be like Charlie Sheen, but at least he has good taste in clothing, right? Check out my favorite bowling shirt to the right for less than forty bucks! Besides the bowling shirt cornucopia at daddyo's, some really hot (or cool) rockabilly, western shirts can be found, including the Booze and Bones Western shirt also pictured to the right. I can picture my rockabilly fella in this shirt, riding down route 66 in a ragtop. Wicked cool.

For a bit of a psychobilly edge, try out the psychobilly clothing selection at or Liquorbrand has quite a few psychobilly items for sale on this site, including the ultimately psychobilly Skull Zip Sweater pictured underneath of the Booze and Bones Western shirt. This psychobilly sweater is reminiscent of the highschool letterman jackets that rockabillies would wear back in the fifties, but this sweater isn't sportin' a's sportin' a skull and crossbones. This sweater is psychobilly in that it crosses rockabilly fifties' flair with a razor-sharp punk edge. It reminds me of something that the psychobilly guys in the band Nekromantix would wear.

As far as rockabilly style t-shirts go, you can find a plethora of rockabilly tees all over the web. Start out at Lucky 13. A graphic of a rockabilly, antique hot-rod truck is plastered artistically on the Lucky 13 t-shirt I have posted to the side...and you can purchase this rockabilly t-shirt for less than twenty-five bones. Pretty wicked deal, if you ask me. Or take a peek at the selection of rockabilly and psychobilly t-shirts at Their wide array of t-shirts cover everything from a neo-punk appeal to classic rockabilly to core psychobilly. Check out their Hilary Jane Deadsea T-shirt. If you want that psychobilly look, go for a t-shirt with a hot-chick-gone-zombie works every time.

Sweaters, t-shirts, bowling shirts and western shirts...oh, you want to find a pair of rockabilly pants? No problem...Lucky 13 also has some radioactive rockabilly drawers for sale. My favorite pair are these white-washed black denim pants with ankle cuffs. Don't forget to hang your fave rockabilly bandana out the back-pocket...and a rockabilly-style wallet & chain. Or if you're the belt buckle type cat, snag the over-sized psychobilly Frankenstein belt buckle posted below, for sale by Whiskey Darling on

If you are searching for a more genuine rockabilly look, opt for vintage rockabilly threads. The perfect vintage bowling shirt is authentic and will have the rockabilly ladies beggin' for more. has a whole section dedicated to forties and fifties shirts...which consists mainly of vintage bowling shirts, western shirts, and hawaiian shirts. The Rustyzipper will continue to be a one-stop shop for those rockin' rockabilly vintage duds.

Lucky 13's Bless the Kuston Men's Slip-on Shoes for only $38.00.
Lucky 13's Bless the Kuston Men's Slip-on Shoes for only $38.00.
Denim chucks from Kohl's.
Denim chucks from Kohl's.
Vintage Men's Reptile Cowboy Boots on
Vintage Men's Reptile Cowboy Boots on

Rockabilly Footwear

Every rockabilly cat has to have that rockin' pair of sneaks. Slip-ons are comfortable for everyday wear, and you can find them with almost every rockabilly graphic under the sun...including the dia de los muertos slip-ons posted here. These rockabilly kicks are up for purchase on greasegasandglory for only thirty-eight long greens. You can't beat that deal with a stick!

You could also get yourself a pair of classic rockabilly chucks. Kohl's is selling new Chucks online for $45.00, including this fun denim pair on the side. Chucks come in almost every color of the rainbow these days...but if you are lucky and like to scavenge thrift could just grab a pair of vintage chucks. The worn-out kind have the most rockabilly character and seem to mold very comfortably to your feet...perfect for a casual psychobilly style, too.

If you're a true rockabilly at heart, go with your rockabilly roots and get yerself a pair of rompin' stompin' cowboy boots. You can even find an authentic vintage pair online at, including this vintage snake-skin pair at a great price of $58.00! They remind me of something you would find on a bad-ass cat in a western.

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Frankenstein's Monster Belt Buckler for $24.00 by Whiskey Darling on
Frankenstein's Monster Belt Buckler for $24.00 by Whiskey Darling on
American Greaser pomade at for only $7.50.
American Greaser pomade at for only $7.50.
Muertos business card case for the businessman.
Muertos business card case for the businessman.

Miscellaneous Rockabilly Necessities

Men's Rockabilly Necessities List:

  • pomade for your pompadour
  • bandanas
  • wallet chain
  • leather wallet
  • boots: cowboy, military, combat, etc.
  • chucks (converse)
  • oversized vintage belt buckles
  • old school tie clips (with hot rods, old horror flick monsters, etc.)
  • vintage t-shirts
  • mechanic's workpants, jumpsuits
  • rattail comb
  • vintage levi jeans
  • penny loafers
  • white pocket t-shirts

Other Rockabilly needs could include a money clip, wallet & chain, a belt with a large belt buckle, bandanas, etc. I have scavenged the online sea of rockabilly accessories for men and posted my favorites here.

First I found an Elvis Presley money clip on sports a picture of Elvis not in his prime in the fifties but it is the King of Rock, nonetheless. A vintage staple for any rockabilly.

If you are more into the psychobilly world, try out an oversized belt buckle like the one to the right. It cleverly depicts a portrait of Frankenstein's Monster...and we know how psychobillies obsess with the old horror flicks.

Don't pass up a chance to wear a fancy, rockabilly antique hot-rod tie clip...also listed on

An absolute rockabilly and psychobilly MUST-HAVE is a tin of pomade to grease back that hair of yours. The 8ballwebstore carries the American Greaser brand pomade for $7.50. If you want to have that classic rockabilly pompadour, your dresser-top will require a supply of pomade...year-round!

And last but not least, for the rockabilly businessman (because we all know not everyone can work on hot rods for a living): grab a deadly psychobilly business card this muertos business card case...also discovered on

Before you start your online shopping adventure for that perfect rockabilly wardrobe, be sure to check out some videos on youtube of some rockabilly and psychobilly bands out on the scene today. Below is a video of the Nekromantix (my favorite psychobilly band of all time) performing their infamous song "Rot in Hell". Check it out and get inspired. Keep it cool!

Drooling yet? Every rockabilly needs his hot rod...
Drooling yet? Every rockabilly needs his hot rod... | Source

© 2011 Kitty Fields


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    4 years ago

    Love all the info, can you please head me in the right direction to get dome tuff slip ons like the blessed kustom slip ons above on this page

  • liamhubpages profile image


    4 years ago

    I am a huge fan of the Rockabilly era and music and especially of leather! Great hub!

  • jafruminc profile image


    7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

    This is great. I love them.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    8 years ago from Summerland

    cheap clothes online - yes, you are right about that.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    8 years ago from Summerland

    hi, denise! so glad you liked them! i love rockabilly clothing and the items here are all rockin'! thanks for stopping by. :)

  • Denise Handlon profile image

    Denise Handlon 

    8 years ago from North Carolina

    Oh Yeah! Now those are the Rockabilly outfits I'm used to seeing. Awesome.


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