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The Most Gorgeous Sneakers for Women

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Trendy Sneakers for Women

Have you been following the fashion trends for the past couple of years? Due to the coronavirus and the millennial generation's pursuit of comfort, sneakers are huge in the fashion scene nowadays. Gone are the days of sky-high heels; sneakers are the new favorite for fashion lovers.

Sneakers have been popular for men for at least a decade now due to celebrity endorsement. However, women are just starting to see the appeal of a pair of sneakers. Starting with iconic designer Phoebe Philo wearing sneakers to her shows, a lot of women are starting to wear sneakers more often.

High-end, contemporary and mid-tier brands are making sneakers for women. Read this article to find out which ones are the best for your needs.


Veja Sneakers

What do you know about climate change, carbon dioxide emissions, fair trade, transparency, and upcycling? These are all issues and practices that Veja is concerned with.

The clothing and fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, only behind petroleum. The fast fashion accessories we purchase are at the price of significant environmental degradation and unfair labor practices.

The Veja brand is tackling these problems one pair of sneakers at a time. With its signature line of environmentally friendly produced sneakers, Veja is really about enjoying fashion with an environmentally conscious mind.

Their line of gorgeous sneakers is endorsed by many celebrities, including the newest British royalty, Megan Markle. If you love the earth and its people, the Veja brand is perfect for you! You can wear beautiful sneakers and support environmental efforts at the same time.


Balenciaga Sock Sneakers

If you don't already know, Balenciaga made streetwear sneakers a thing for women.

These ultra comfortable sock sneakers are available in many different colors, from black to baby pink. The minimalist look is actually a loud fashion statement.

Unlike high heels or other sneakers, these shoes are perfect for all feet. For those with wider feet, squeezing into a pair of Christian Louboutin's stiletto heels is extremely painful. The Balenciaga Sock sneakers will keep you comfortable all day long and in style!


Adidas Women's Superstar Cloud White and Core Black Shoes

Do you love shoes from the early 2000s? The Adidas Superstar tennis shoes were popular in the 2000s, with many teenagers rocking them.

These primarily white sneakers are coming back in style because the retro trend is now extremely popular. These little white sneakers are very easy to style and can bring your causal outfit to the next level!


Nike x Louis Vuitton Monogram Air Force 1 Sneakers

Do you love Nike and Louis Vuitton? These two iconic brands teamed up to bring you an ultra-rare sneaker that features the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram and Azur print. Additionally, these sneakers have Nike air technology, making them super comfortable to wear all day long.

Collectors are going to love this line! The whole line of sneakers is actually paying homage to the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh and his charity foundation. Even though the Louis Vuitton monogram and Azur print are the most popular, these sneakers come in various colors.


New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 offers a truly sleek athletic style with a slight height boost. This particular style is a New Balance staple. With a wide selection of colors and combinations, you will for sure find the perfect color combo for yourself.

At less than $100, these sneakers are also very affordable for most people. Best of all, you can find certain colors on sale at different stores in the mall or online. These are stylish sneakers for those on the budget but still want to look cute.


Reebok Club C Sneakers

The Reebok Club C sneaker is another super hip retro sneaker trending because of nostalgia and retro fashion.

This mostly white sneaker is perfect for any causal outfit and has a strong 1980s vibe since this style was initially released in 1985.

For under $100, this sneaker is not super expensive but still packs a punch in the style department for any fashion-conscious woman. Elevate your casual style with a pair of Reebok Club C sneakers and some mom jeans. Complete the look with a colorful t-shirt and a baseball cap.


Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker

What a surprise! The high-end designer that popularized sneakers made this list again with its signature style, the Balenciaga Triple S sneaker.

This style is so eye-catching that it will be noticed immediately by everyone. This particular style comes in various colors, with the most colorful ones being extremely trendy.

The super heavy sole is the signature look for these sneakers. It will make your feet look very big and your body skinnier. Maybe this is why the Balenciaga Triple S sneaker is so popular. Another reason is maybe that it looks so ugly that it grows on people over time. Or perhaps it's the big boost in height.

Whatever the reason for its popularity in the fashion world, you will surely be the center of attention with these big and clunky sneakers.


Karhu Fusion 2.0 Lifestyle Sneakers

Karhu is a Finnish brand that specializes in sports shoes and apparel. Although known for its technology in sports shoes, Karhu is even more famous for its lifestyle sneakers that pack a punch in the style department.

The Karhu Fusion 2.0 sneakers are unisex and look good for both genders. Do you know that Karhu sold its signature "three stripes" branding to Adidas for a very cheap price back in the 1950s? Now, most people associate the "three stripes" immediately with Adidas. But very few people know the origin of the "three stripes" branding.