Steel Boned Waist Training Tips & Guide for Beginners

Updated on February 21, 2017

First of all, I'm going to start by saying that I am an avid waist trainer. I have been waist training on and off for many years. As an avid trainer, I automatically go to Google for inspiration, motivation, and guidance.

After many years of searching for help from Google, I usually come away feeling rather disappointed. I search on Google in hopes of seeing real before and after pictures to motivate me, not airbrushed images or images of waists which have been gained by other means. I also hoped to source real insight, tips, and knowledge from those on the same waist training journey as me. Instead, I'm faced with sites that are actually purely for the purpose of promoting their own products, not for helping those on the same mission.

So here it is; this is my motive: to provide real insight and hopefully a few tips.

It makes sense to start with the corset. The corsets that most celebrities are snapped in absolutely will not provide any form of results. The only advantage these nasty Lycra results might achieve are the following:

  1. Your skin will get chaffed, flake and fall off in patches (yes, this really happened to me);
  2. You will smell like a condom the entire time you are wearing it. If you try exercising in it, the condom aroma will be at max smell level. It's not too cool stinking of a dirty condom, sweating like a pig whilst trying to style it out in the gym;
  3. You will have a streamlined torso. But, and this is a big but, only for the time you are wearing it.

If you are serious about waist training and are hoping for real results you need to invest in a steel boned corset. There are many to choose from. I personally have an under the bust waist cincher. I have had many styles but found this to suit me best. It doesn't have the v shape at the bottom, which is hard to hide. It sits under my bust so I don't have puffin breasts ( N.B. puffin breasts are pushed up to your chin boobies which make it slightly difficult to breath).

So, you have a corset which is suited to you, what other tips do you need to be armed with before embanking on a tiny weeny waist journey?

One of the biggest tips I can provide is to ease yourself and your corset into it. When I started out, I wanted result and I wanted them fast. The natural thing to do is to pull the corset as tight as possible and wear it for as long as you can bear. This is a total rocky error. Please, please, please do not do this. There are 3 main reasons why to totally avoid this.

  1. Your corset is new. It needs time to stretch and mould to your torso. If you try to squeeze into it like a glove as soon as you unwrap it, it will stretch and possibly break. We all know the feeling of a bra wire injury. A broken corset bone is 10 times worse;
  2. Your body will not be used to this kind of aggressive torture. Yes, torture, that is really what it feels like if you try to force yourself and the corset.
  3. Your legs might go numb. I suffered around 2 weeks of pulling my brand new corset to the max. Whilst wearing it I often felt a numb patch forming in the front of my leg. Eventually, my right hip and right side of my coochie was numb. I had trapped and damaged nerves from aggressively compressing them. It took about 3/4 months for the full feeling to return.

I would recommend starting with a few hours per day wearing your corset at a comfortable tightness. Gradually step the time up to ideally 9/10 hours per day.

When Is It Best to Wear the Corset?

I have tried both day and night wear. When I started out, I often slept in my corset and removed it in the morning. If felt the corset was slightly easier to get used to if I was sleeping. I must say that when I awoke I was super keen to remove it and often awoke many times in the night as I was uncomfortable.

I now wear my corset from when I get dressed for work in the morning till when I arrive home again. This way, I now I am wearing the corset for roughly 50 hours a week. Also, wearing the corset in the night doesn't force you into holding correct posture.

Tips for Wearing and Hiding the Corset

One of the biggest tricks I have learned is to wear a sports or non wire bra and to wear a vest top under the corset. The material stops the corset from rubbing your skin which can leave dry bruise type marks. The non wire or sports bra stops the corset rubbing against the under wiring of the bra. This is super uncomfortable.

I have found, the corset is easiest concealed in the winter. Purely for the reason that you can wear big jumpers. Not only this, but leggings will become your new best friend whilst training. It's really hard to wear anything tight like jeans whilst training. The back of the corset seems to escape and pulls your top up and trousers down. Leggings stretch and allow space for the corset.

How Long to Train?

This is a question I have searched for answers to for a long time. There seems to be no definitive time scale. I generally tend to run cycles of training over 6 weeks. After the 6 week period I do notice effects and typically loose 2 inches. I start at 26 inches and finish at 24.

Waist training result last as long as you continue to eat well, hold good posture, hold your core in and train. I unfortunately always sneak back into old habits of sitting like I have a hunch and eating cakes accompanied by caramel latte's daily.

One thing I will say is, after you have done a few cycles, you do see result quicker as your body has previously been shaped in that way. Also, you wont feel as uncomfortable as you might have done the first time you trained.

Pros & Cons


  • Amazing posture and conditioning of your body. You walk like a slaying queen once you get used to training.
  • A smaller waist.
  • If you have lower back pain the corset will help you.
  • You lose weight as you are unable to eat large portions.


  • Possible skin chaffing.
  • Feeling uncomfortable whilst getting used to training.
  • Being an irritable super bitch for the first few weeks of training. I think this has something to do with the waist constriction, walking like a stiff board and eating tiny portions.
  • Constipation.

I hope the above has helped anyone who is looking for real and honest tips and/or insight. I would love to hear if you have any tips or comment to add.

Happy waist training beautiful people.

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