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Updated on May 6, 2016

It is fair to say that fashion and personal style is something that many women feel to be important. There are many women who feel the need to look fashionable all the time. Wearing something which is trending over the media platforms and following the latest updates in the fashion industry is what many women look forward to. However, these trends that we follow change with seasons throughout the year.

One of the seasons in which we can see the most vibrant colors being worn by everyone, especially women, is summer. Summer trends are considered the best all around the globe, mainly because of the bright colors, unique designs and beautiful perspective these trends demonstrate. It is not hard to understand a woman's love for summer fashion. That is why we are going to talk about some of the summer trends that have been popping up everywhere, which you can wear this summer as well.

Trina Turk Cosmo Covers Jumpsuit
Trina Turk Cosmo Covers Jumpsuit | Source


Also known as Playsuits, these baggy and fashion-driven Jumpsuits are one of the most playful and fun things to wear in the summer months, especially if their patterns are bold and the colors are bright and fun. Although, jumpsuits cannot be compared to the usual catwalk dress that we see running rampant in the summer, they still present a fun alternative when one doesn't feel like wearing a dress or the summer winds pick up, and let's face it jumpsuits have been gaining noticeable fame recently. You see them everywhere, from the window displays to celebrity sightings, Jumpsuits are popular. They began as a trend to be reckoned with in 2013 and now, in 2016, they are booming in countries all around the globe.

Nude Colored Bikini
Nude Colored Bikini | Source

Nude Colors

Summer clothes that are made in a simple nude color and painted with outlandish prints have become a must have closet essential. Nude tones compliment skin tones and are easy to dress up with bolder, brighter accessories. When you are looking to wear clothing with a nude presence, you should consider those with a reduced boldness of color, something more subtle, airy, and light. If you are stepping down the beach, nude color clothes are one of the best options you can consider.

Ibiza Midi | Stunning midi dress featuring colorful tribal inspired print
Ibiza Midi | Stunning midi dress featuring colorful tribal inspired print | Source

Tribal and Bold

For people looking to wear something completely opposite to nude color clothes, bold tribal clothing is the best alternative. Tribal dresses basically concentrate on tribal designs and clothing which come in bolder colors. Choosing such clothing may give you an escape from the traditional summer designs, introduced every year. These clothes reflect the tribal regions of Africa and India and are very fashionable, when worn casually.

Silence + Noise Disco Inferno Hot Pant
Silence + Noise Disco Inferno Hot Pant | Source

Hot Pants

These pants in their true sense are hot! These pants became one of the most worn summer trends in the last few summers. This year, they have been introduced again in vibrant colors and we have seen different models, walking the ramp wearing hot pants. These pants are actually very short shorts and can show off your well-toned legs. However, if you decide to wear them, make sure that you have matching underwear to go with them as these pants are SHORT!

Hooded Hybrid Trench Coat
Hooded Hybrid Trench Coat | Source

Trench Coats

Although trench coats have been less talked about in recent times, they are gaining noticeable traction, again. The main reason that trench coats have lived the long, happy existence they have, is due to the versatility it offers. You can wear them dressed up or dressed down. However, if you are looking to wear one in the summer, make sure that it is in a lighter shade and made of a thinner material.

Summer Style

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Colors of the Wind Floral Maxi
Colors of the Wind Floral Maxi | Source

The realm of fashion is growing with each passing day. Fashion is gaining importance and is becoming a vital part of our lifestyle. People who are inspired by fashion are increasing by leaps and bounds. Fashion in its true sense, is something which will never die. From following an ongoing trend to giving life to a trend which died years ago, people have made fashion one of the fastest growing industries in this fast paced fashion controlled era.

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