My 3 Favorite Bras That Make You Look Smaller

Updated on October 30, 2019
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Finding the Most Comfortable Bra for Large Breasts

In my post-pubescent life, my DD’s have caused me more inner drama than just about any other part of my body. For whatever reason, I just don’t love being ”well endowed.” I know lots of women who would kill for larger breasts, but depending on your style and preference, it can be tricky to find suitable bras. The pretty ones from Victoria’s Secret can make your boobs tough to see over, and many are so cute, but only on much smaller gals.

In my experience, “minimizer bras” give me a weird shape, sort of like the iconic “bullet bra.” I’m sorry, but who thought this was a good idea? I don’t want my girls to enter the room that long before I do.

Seriously, why though?
Seriously, why though?

My *ahem* biggest issue (no pun intended) is that because I have a long torso, and prefer flowy shirts, I need bras that keep the girls reigned in a little closer to my body for a narrower profile.

Bra’s like this are much harder to find. I've tried out dozens in the last few years (and even gone so far as to alter a few at home!) Because few things in life are less fun than trying on bras, I believe that you, too, can benefit from my quest for the most comfortable but also slimming bra in the world.

Here are my top three favorite bras for ladies who want to keep things “under wraps.”

Icctbro Seamless Yoga Bra
Icctbro Seamless Yoga Bra

#3 The Icctbro Seamless Yoga Bra

The Icctbro Seamless Yoga Bra is a great option for everyday wear. It looks good under just about everything, and the underneath part comes low enough that it doesn't ride up or roll like many bras made of this material. The wide straps are especially great if the effect of gravity on your boobs gives you neck pain at the end of the day.

It is not lined and does not have underwire, but it is surprisingly supportive! I find that it's comfortable for many activities, from lounging to light exercise. It's similar to the True Body bras that are so popular right now. One downfall of this bra is that the straps are fairly close together, so if you're wearing something with a wider neckline, they will show. It also doesn't breathe as well as bras made from natural fibers, so you may find yourself sweating a little more.

63% of the reviewers on Amazon gave it 5 stars. They run small, so buy a size up!

Hanes Underwire T-Shirt Bra
Hanes Underwire T-Shirt Bra

#2 The Hanes Underwire T-Shirt Bra

If you're looking for a bra to narrow things but still give you two separate breasts, the Hanes Underwire T-Shirt Bra is a great option for wearing under any shirt that has an unusual neckline or tank tops with narrow straps. It's lightly padded but still supportive, and it won't give you a weird, pointy shape.

I love this bra for wearing underneath dresses with empire waists or anything where I need a little more definition. You also have the option of hooking the straps together in the back depending on the shirt you're wearing.

Ambrielle Smoothing Solutions Lace Bralette
Ambrielle Smoothing Solutions Lace Bralette

#1 My Absolute Favorite, Ride or Die, Life-Changing Bra

The Ambrielle Smoothing Solutions Lace Bralette is my absolute favorite for everyday wear. It is comfortable, supportive, and cute. One of my favorite features is that the straps ride far enough out onto your shoulder that it works under almost any neckline, and if a strap does show, it doesn't scream "GRANDMA BRA!" It's breathable, soft, and comes in a variety of colors. I own four and wear them at least five days a week.

This is a bra that is comfortable enough to sleep in as well as supportive enough to live your life in.

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