The Best Panties for Men

Updated on November 20, 2016

What are the best panties for men? Opinions vary greatly. Some men like thongs, others prefer bloomers. This article is based on feedback I have received from some of the finest male panty connoisseurs the Internet can provide. Let's see if I've got this right.

The Best Panties for Men: Full Brief Panties

According to the experts (me and my commenting crew), full brief panties are the best type of panties for a man who wears panties for several reasons.

1. They provide enough coverage to make the panty wearing a rather modest affair. That is, certain parts of the male anatomy do not sneak out the bottom or top of the panties and cause the wearer to become uncomfortable.

2. They provide enough coverage to be satisfying. If you're a man who loves the feeling of wearing women's lingerie, there's very little point in wearing little scraps of fabric. Full briefs allow the wearer to really feel the fabric across their skin.

3. Full briefs are usually a snug fit. Men who wear women's lingerie often enjoy the feeling of a snug fit. Sure there is the pleasure of loose fabric teasing one's body, but at the end of the day it is nice to feel lingerie against the skin as you move about.

4. Full brief panties are more hygienic as they draw away sweat and germs harmlessly. I hate to disrespect the noble thong, but those things are pretty disgusting when you get down to it, more so for a woman than a man because the sweat build up from the posterior causes nasties to migrate down the string and into other areas. For a woman this can be the cause of a nasty infection, for a man, it's just generally gross.

Best Material: Nylon

Men who wear lingerie just love nylon panties. I think it is because of the soft sensation against the skin and the relative cost effectiveness when compared to other fabrics which have a similar feel, like silk for instance.

Therefore. If I'm right, the majority of my readers will have a pair of 'Nylon Full Brief Panties' as their favorites. Was I right? Let me know in the comments section.


Of course, at the end of the day the best panties for you are simply your favorite panties. Maybe they're a pair of billowing bloomers, maybe they're a cotton bikini (ick, cotton), maybe they're silky soft boy shorts.

The best panties for you are the ones that make you feel great when you wear them. The ones that put a smile on your face. The ones that you're sad to find in the laundry basket because you didn't get around to washing them like you meant to. The ones you pack first when you go away on business trips. The ones you... you get the idea. Wearing panties is about expressing hidden sides of yourself, and the only one who knows how to do that best is you.

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      • profile image

        delabole 3 weeks ago

        I'm finding that very brief swimwear is tolerated on the beach, even in Britain. I have worn tiny pouch thongs leaving my bottom exposed, without getting any comment. Best outside school holidays.

      • profile image

        delabole 3 weeks ago

        I love really brief panties, even G-string type, and in pretty colours like pink and turquoise. Not worried about modesty - I have a gorgeous bottom that I don't showing off!

      • profile image

        jerry 4 weeks ago

        I disagree personally. I like the bikini's or the hipsters better than the full brief. The full brief's are taller than I like and rise up on the waist to much. Whereas the bikini's and hipsters fit around the hips and are more comfortable and to my liking. I like the nice colors of panties over men's briefs or bikini's.

      • profile image

        Phil 5 weeks ago

        I have been wearing sexy panties for years, I don't have any male underwear at all, most days I wear nylon, full brief in bright colours, I have numerous PVC and plastic panties custom made off the net and wear these mostly on weekends.

        My wife likes me wearing panties and at home matching bra.

      • profile image

        kev 5 weeks ago

        I love wearing full brief knickers very comtable or the bikini ones.been wearing womans panties since I was 13 .find them more comtable than mens kickers to wife didnt have a issue with me wearing woman panties when I first started going with here she was very understanding

      • profile image

        buck 7 weeks ago

        I love to wear panty hose they feel so good I have been wearing them for a long time they are the first thing I put on in the morning I wear them to work

      • profile image

        Willie 2 months ago

        Vanity Fair Nylon Ravassant briefs get my vote. Soft, smooth and silky. Try several layers for even more comfort.

      • profile image

        Bertie 2 months ago

        Sloggi midi or high leg are fantastic. These are all I wear now, really comfy and feel great.

      • profile image

        stretch 2 months ago

        Good article nylon is great I do not know why they do not make for men. I like Warner's medium control especially in the gym. I am 24/7 in these.

      • profile image

        Timothy 2 months ago

        Fruit of the loom microfiber. Bindi panty sexy and feel great all day I wear a size 7 and the best panty for me

      • profile image

        jeff 2 months ago

        i like the vanity fair panties 15712 very comfy and feel fantastic. i also like the shiny metallic panties they feel fantastic also kind of thin but feel great. i love wearing nylon panties they feel great and are very comfortable

      • profile image

        Bam Bam 2 months ago

        I find great joy in wearing vanity fair panties .. they move with me & I love it.

      • profile image

        you'll never know 2 months ago

        you are absolutely right as far as i am concern. Dixie bell's nylon panties with lace is my favorite, especially the pastel colored ones. the others that i like are the ones with the full nylon crotch like the ones made in the fifties. i wear mine 24/7 and love it!

      • profile image

        David 3 months ago

        Been wareing women's full figure silk under ware for over 50 yeares along with shear energy nylones they just feel so good You don't even know you have them on some of my women friendes love to see me Warein them They even buy me some and give me some of there's and tell me to ware them They love to watch me putting them on and then rub them and ask me how that feeles when they rubbing my lages on the nylones I reel them it feels reel good and they keep it up for a while they like to see if it get me hot and bothered and it does make me feel real sexey

      • profile image

        Paul 3 months ago

        I found a very nice Panty at Her Room, Rhonda Shear Retro Pin-Up Smoothing Panty 3868, it's, soft & silky feeling, lace on legs, lot of room. Large fits my 38" waist nicely.

        They also have a Lingerie fitting guide for Men.

      • profile image

        Lawrence 3 months ago

        I love the jockey microw fiber silk they fit so good my women. Friendes like to see me earring them and have me dress up in all there dresses and nylones then have me undress slowly while they watch they tell me I look so good in there close that I should have been born a women couldn't even tell I was a man went to x rated driven one time and even used women's bath room they Dident even know I was a man I love the feel of the nylones and silk under ware I wish I was a women some times there close feel so good

      • profile image

        Flex 3 months ago

        I consider myself to be a panty connoisseur of sorts. I've been wearing panties for many years now and I have an extensive collection of all styles, fabrics, designs, and colors. Here are my preferences, and also my ones to avoid:

        My favorite style is hi-cut; I'm really surprised that neither your article nor your comments have much of anything on this style mentioned. Hi cut has the best of both the full-cut and the bikini styles, since it has the higher rise and therefore better coverage like the full-cut. But the leg contour is less restrictive than full-cut panties and allows for more comfortable movement as well as a nicer (sexier) appearance. I have most of my collection in the hi-cut style. My second favorite is full-cut (in either satin or nylon), followed by bikini cut. I have almost no thong, g-string, tanga, or other similar styles with little coverage. My sexiest panties are vintage lingerie in either hi-cut or full-cut with lace from Vanity Fair, Bali, Wacoal, or Vassarette. But these styles are extremely hard to find and usually quite expensive. I have a few bikini styles, but find they just don't hold the package as well, so I only wear them occasionally. Your article states that men prefer full-cut style. But in my opinion, full-cut panties are generally not as nice as hi-cut for a few reasons: The hi-cut leg contour is more comfortable and less restricting than full-cut, and the waist of full-cut is generally higher than hi-cut. I'll wear a full-cut to bed at night, but that's usually the only time.

        Fabric: I prefer stretch satin (four-way stretch) fabric, regardless of the style. Vanity Fair seems to offer the most of these types of panties, especially the vintage ones. VF generally uses very high quality stretch satin fabrics. My next favorite fabric is microfiber. It is very comfortable and breathes well. My day-to-day panties are generally microfiber; and when I go to the gym, I usually wear these. I never wear cotton, unless I don’t have any other choice. I wear panties now 24/7, 365 days a year, although I do maintain a small supply of men’s underwear for those occasional visits to the doctor’s office, etc. I like all four-way stretch fabrics. When testing them in-store it is easy to tell which ones will stretch in both directions. These provide the best support and comfort. I don't wear silk very much, it doesn't seem to have the body and support that today's modern nylon/spandex or microfiber fabrics have. I avoid straight satin (satin fabric without spandex woven in) like the plague. It has absolutely no give and no support. It feels like paper against the skin and since there is no stretch, all the bits hang out on the bottom. I never wear cotton, unless I have to.

        Fit by Brand: The absolute most comfortable brand of panty is Jockey, but they have few/no offerings in the way of satin panties. But all of their panties fit great all day long and they offer excellent support and coverage. Every Jockey panty I have tried on has excellent front coverage—and that is what counts most. They do tend to be a little more expensive than alternate name brand panties. The second most comfortable brand of panty is Vanity Fair, and this brand comprises most of my collection. VF uses higher quality fabrics more consistently than any other brand I have found, and their fit is consistently good. They also tend to be the prettiest. Bali and Warner panties tie for third place, their fit is comparable to VF, but their fabric selection tends to be mostly microfiber; which is fine for everyday, but when I want to feel special I prefer satin. My next favorite brand for comfort is Hanes, but their fabric quality has deteriorated terribly in their more recent offerings. I have numerous of their hi-cut styles in stretch satin from the late 90's and early 2000's. Those are some of my favorite all-time panties. Oh I wish Hanes would go back to producing panties with quality fabric!

        I also wanted to comment that I see a lot of Victoria's Secret panties being bid up on Ebay to higher than average prices. I don't understand why people think they are so special. Yes, they do use very nice satin fabrics, but to me, for the fit and the look, VF is just as good for half the price. There are also tons of boutique panties on the market, but I find their quality generally doesn't live up to their cost. The highest quality main-line brand panties on the market for the price are Wacoal. They have some of the prettiest styles and the best fabrics. But they are also some of the priciest you will find from a mainstream manufacturer.

        I agree with the previous comment about Warner's full-cut (and hi-cut) No Muffin Top's. Their waistband doesn't give away that they are women's panties (they look just like men’s styles but fit much better) and since the material is microfiber, you could actually wear them to the gym and change in the men's locker room without anyone even suspecting that they are women's panties--unless you wore the color pink, of course!

        I am extremely fortunate to have a wife that has no problem with my wearing panties on a daily basis. And she loves it that I go shopping with her all the time. I know women’s fashion better than she does, and she has a marvelous wardrobe as a result. I pity the poor woman who views her panty-wearing husband as a pervert. A panty-wearing husband can be a girl’s best friend. Just think, how many husbands would risk lowering their pants to a strange woman while wearing panties? I think panty wearers are the most faithful husbands around—and the most appreciative—especially in the bedroom!

        In summary: In general, my favorite go-to panties are Vanity Fair and then Warner's, in that order. Hi-cut are my favorite style, and then full-cut. I like satin stretch with at least ten percent spandex, and I like microfiber just as well. I hope anyone reading this can gain some insight.

        One last thing; I am not in the least gay or homosexual. I am a total heterosexual. I prefer sex with my wife, the love of my life. But I also love panties. :-)

      • profile image

        Aislin 3 months ago

        Definitely love nylon material for panties. I love cheeky, bikini, low rise briefs and hiphuggers. Cotton is OK sometimes but I always love to wear the nylon.

      • profile image

        Bobby 4 months ago

        I been watering full figure silk panties for yeares they just feel so good You don't even know you got a net on why don't they make memes so they fit and feel that good why should women be the Olney ones to have under ware feel good

      • profile image

        Bobbie 4 months ago

        Just love the feel of full figure silk panties a net kind if they full figure you don't even know you got them on . I been watering them for 40 teared and love to show women I know. They like to see me watering them and spank me while I am watering them they say that turned them on I ware them every day one kind or other

      • profile image

        John 4 months ago

        I just love wearing them. So comfortable, as yes, I wear soft brief panties and some have lace.

        Men’s undies feel terrible.

        Many women wear men’s so why should there be a problem with men wearing panties?

      • profile image

        Bobbey 4 months ago

        Love the feel of women's full figure silk under ware been wseeing them for 40 teared fit way better and feel way better then memes who ever made memes don't know what they was doing they need to make memes just like women's fulfigure silk. Just put different side on them more men would be watering them then people think because women's fit way better then memes and feel way better I wish I was born a women some times so I could ware all there clothes

      • profile image

        Paul 5 months ago

        I've been wearing Panties for along time, the best fitting Panty I have found is The Vanity Fair 13137 Panty, I have a 38" waist sz 8 fits great!

      • profile image

        Cindy 5 months ago

        yes, i think you hit the nail on the head, i have been wearing them for the past 40 years,20 years 24/7. most comfortable for me and yes they have to be nylon!

      • profile image

        jeff 5 months ago

        I do wear nylon/spandex daily. Waner's No Muffin Top full briefs are my every day wear. I also have a few pair from Soma with the gummy linner in the thy/leg area. Even have some microfiber bikini from a few brands like VS and Hanes. Much prefer the Warner's. Very well endowed and holds everything in the right place. Keeps my skin from chaffing under the strain of a tool belt rubbing 8 hours a day 6 and 7 days a week. Super light weight and by far more comfortable than any men's underwear on any market. I am married to a very wonderful woman and am super lucky that she has zero problems with me wearing them.

      • profile image

        Ryan 6 months ago

        Yes I have a pair of full brief panties and I love them

      • profile image

        Just me joe 6 months ago

        I enjoy the feel of the nylon full brief style panties. Also the coverage. The feeling of the material is a turn on,especially on my scrotum and butt

      • profile image

        Terri 7 months ago

        I absolutely agree with you Hope. I personally love Bali Skimp Skamp and Vanity Fair Ravissant

      • profile image

        JB 7 months ago


      • profile image

        Jim 7 months ago

        I am still on the search for my best panties. Ruched rears feel totally awesome ,but have not found any that keep me in well enough to wear for any length of time. Now I am testing styles with some leg length. Dream shorts are recommended, fit well, feel a little shy in the bottom of my cheeks, but in the front cannot contain. So sad. I have full briefs in nylon/spandex. They fit well, but not my go to pantie.

      • profile image

        RF 7 months ago

        Your right about the nylon. I wear the Bali 803j, the fit and feel and long wear just feels good. I also like the Dixie and Carol nylon full cut panties, the gusset holds things in place. Have been wearing panties on and off since 10 and am now 69.

      • profile image

        John 8 months ago

        I've been warding panties since I was 10years old. First my sister's then my girlfriends, then my wife's, until she caught me. Thinking I was a pervet, she divorced me. After that I started buying them myself. I like jockey ( no panty line promise) breif style. The material is soft an very confortable.

      • profile image

        patrick 8 months ago

        All you said was right on!leg holes should have elastic in them as well.And full length briefs are great!

      • profile image

        Chris 8 months ago

        I have been warring full figure silk women's under ware sinese I was a teen age I am 72 now just look the feel like you don't have nothing on ware them with nylons at same time love lagers sheer. Energy. Make me feel good ware them all the time just about every day make me feel like I wish I was a women so I could ware all there close to go out


      • profile image

        Chris 8 months ago

        Pretty much on target, at least for my preference; nylon regular briefs.

        Interestingly, I see several other male commenters who like Jockey as I do. They have good products and GREAT customer service. My only complaint, and I've send this from numerous reviews, is the lack of 3-packs in the same color. I prefer black, but have to shop at JCPenney to get multiples of black. I'd rather purchase direct from Jockey because they are a good company.

      • profile image

        Christ 10 months ago

        Been warring full figure silk women's under ware for over 40 years and nylons just love the feel of silk. Make me wish I was a women some times there clothes feel so good

      • profile image

        Christ 10 months ago

        I been warring full figure silk under water since I was a teen ager and love the feel of them i get them a little big so they are kind of loose just feel so good make me feel like I wish I was a women all there close feel so good I

      • profile image

        Mike 11 months ago

        I absolutely love wearing the no panty line promise bikini and hipster panties. they totally fit men and come in some neutral gender colours. blue,white and black are my choices. the bikini style covers all the areas and is very stretchy and accomodating. the material is tactel and feels great on my skin, i only wish they made a mens line in these. the no panty line promise is a real winner and i recomend them to any guy who is looking for a comfortable underpant.

      • profile image

        mikey 11 months ago

        I have the best fitting panties, they are bikini jockey no panty line promise. I wear size 5 they fit like a clove and have full frontal coverage. The material is great. My wifes loves them on mr

      • profile image

        mikey 11 months ago

        i really enjoy wearing womens panties. my favorites are the jockey panty line promise they are tactel and super comfortable. my wife says they look good on me. i wear mainly black and white ones. i feel better knowing there is alot of guys out there doing the same. i order them online and had to call jockey. Jockey suggested the elance and no panty line promise as alot of guys are wearing them and they are getting alot of calls.

      • profile image

        sis 11 months ago

        I prefer thigh highs they fit me nice and feel so soft

      • profile image

        Jj 13 months ago

        I love wearing women's panties. I prefer a jockey string bikini item number 1330 as my go to panty. I usually wear item 2045 to work

      • profile image

        Gene 13 months ago

        Your right love, nylon /satin briefs. Being lacy or pretty colors and plus my little secret under my jeans or gym wear

      • profile image

        jay 13 months ago

        I wear silky panties every day. My wife wears silky thongs from v s. I wear bikinis. Satin or nylon bikinis are the best. Lately I've been buying maiden form panties.

      • profile image

        Michael 13 months ago

        I love nylon briefs they feel good and wear good i like dixie belle panties and have a drawer full of panties would like to get some vf pamties but just can't get any . Some day maybe it'll happen i have slips 3.drawers full full and half have few camisoles as well all nylon best fabric nylon full briefs are the way to go

      • profile image

        DDtop 13 months ago

        Hi im with you on most of this Full/deep briefs are best as for me having a wider hip&bigger in the thighs they fit me far better than pants which either strangle you one part or other or just fall down!

        Tend to wear matching sets as lady that get my Primadonna things from asked me if do i said yes said good so look smart!

        but find them far more comfortable plus so many males wear anyway as just better than old cacks which have no imagination to there construction made in cheap fabrics.

        Primadonna do some great full briefs along with Goddess&elomi have some now but not into thongs even GF's never liked them.

        There are some other decent deep/full brief brands out there chantelle have some

      • profile image

        shadyterri 13 months ago

        Hope you are right on about the best panties for men being nylon briefs. I have tried several different brands and it is HARD to decide which are my favorites. If I had to pick one though, it would be the Bali Skimp Skamp with the back seam. They cover all of me, and love the soft feel and full coverage. I also like Vanity Fair Ravissant and Shadowline. Actually I believe all of these panties are made for men as well as women.

      • profile image

        Denis 13 months ago

        Hi I wear polyamide & elasthan briefs the brand is chantelle I am not gay I gust like to wear from time to time they are very silky and fine material

      • profile image

        Sherry 13 months ago

        My wife calls me Sherry when I am dressed and made up, I have been wearing sexy panties, bras and nighties for years about a year ago my wife prompted me to get into suspenders, stockings, pantyhose and heels then make up and wigs, now I have progressed to blouses and skirts, full cross dressing but I am straight we both just love it and currently only do it at home but I am getting keen to go for a walk in the park with her

      • profile image

        Jordan 16 months ago

        I'm 16 I'm size m/m/m 32-34 would I fit men's bikini briefs and I plan to get some soon

      • profile image

        Ryan 16 months ago

        I love vf nylon briefs. They feel so good you don't even know you have anything on.

      • profile image

        Nathanphelps 18 months ago

        I like the vanity Fair nylon full cut brief panties in my size of 12 there very comfortable on me and they feel wonderful I love to wear ladies nylon full cut brief panties in my size of 12

      • profile image

        24/7 7 years ago

        i love them all but prefer the double nylon gusset style the most. hats off to nancy king

      • profile image

        Sherman 8 years ago

        I've come to prefer hi-cut and regular briefs. I still like the VF string bikini. I've learned that the first ones I purchased were a size too small so the gusset was smaller and the waist a bit tight. I suppose we tend to think we're smaller than we really are.

        My wife complains that some bras of her usual size are too tight. When I suggested she try a larger one she emphatically objected --but she's okay with adding the band extender. Go figure.

      • profile image

        joanjo 8 years ago from Herts. U.K.

        You're dead right as far as I'm concerned Hope, waist high and also hicut legs in nylon are my favourites, I've just bought some from Satin Rose & co, they're sheer nylon and fit a dream, can really recommend that company. I also like to wear Sloggi Sensations, they fit very well and come in micro fabric. I would love to have some silk panties but they are just too expensive. Great article.

      • profile image

        dick 8 years ago

        I love to wear my panties 24/7 I prefer full cut breifs as they feel good vanity fair is my choise

      • pantiesforme profile image

        pantiesforme 8 years ago

        It varies. I lean towards a full brief,but like a hi-cut too! A medium brief is the best,it all depends on brand and style!!!!!

      • profile image

        Jeff MA 8 years ago

        I prefer hi cut briefs, preferably with just a little lace around the waist and leg openings.

      • profile image

        cindi 8 years ago

        You are absolutely right -- full brief panties made of nylon are #1 for me. Oh sure, I like satin and silk too, but when it comes to style, it's full briefs. I love the feeling. I like how they look, too.

      • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

        TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

        My favorite panties that I wear are hi cut, bikini, and low-rise,

      • profile image

        pntylvnman 8 years ago

        For me I love the snug feeling of a microfiber or sheer bikini or brief. Also the tanga type cut that gives a little ride up. Thongs are great certain cut though.

        I agree herroom is a great resource, plus you can get back shots to see what you actually will be getting.

        Thanks everyone, I don't feel to strange now, wife thinks it is cute and made comments that I will end up having more panties than her. LOL. Just waiting for her to get me more.

        Thanks again and enjoy YOURSELF for who you are.

      • profile image

        Niqqi 8 years ago

        Yes, Hope, full brief panties are the most enjoyable, primarily for reasons 2 and 3. I found online what appears to be an excellent set of a dozen new vintage style silky full size nylon panties each with a small and pretty floral design embroidered on the front. It works out to a touch under $3 each, so you aren't advocating a major expense here. The panties come in various pastel colors along with maybe a black, red or white one, along with the ultimate color for panties, pink. One must always ask, too, what will feel best with wearing a full slip, or two, while sliding between satin sheets.

        Now that you have provided folks with some good information to use in selecting panties, we all need to remember it only makes sense to hand wash our panties and other silky toys so they will last for a good while. My wife showed me where a recent purchase of mine was slightly ripped in the washing machine. That and learning from you about the ongoing damage that washing machines can do has sold us on the fact that panties, slips and the like should only be hand washed.

      • profile image

        leom ma pantyguy 8 years ago

        Dead on with your research! Must be nylon/Silk/Satin. Full cut for everyday wear, but on the special occasions.. thongs, tongas, boy shorts, etc. I USED to LOVE full back string bikinis (nylon or silk) with lace around the edges.. and flutter panties, especially polka dot.. but try and find them now. Don't like the microfibers or the cotton, not a big fan of the panties that look like something a guy would wear. Why not jut get the white BVD jockeys for men?

      • profile image

        Mark 8 years ago

        I'm a nylon brief guy too, have been for decades. Growing up most gf's wore nylon briefs. I wore hipsters for several years, but for the last ten years it's nylon briefs and a few cotton Bali Freeform are my favs.

        The best for me are the old school briefs from Shadowline, Lorraine, Nancy King, Dixie Belle and my all time best, Carole. These all come in every color out there and many with double nylon crotch.

        A lot of guys love Vanity Fair, but for me the elastic is too tight and the waist seam falls on my left hip bone and hurt! Back in the day VF's were one of the best but these days they use cheap nylon and they stopped using a pillow tab over the seam.

        Check out Shop National for their Nylon Tricot 6 pack. Awesome briefs in pretty colors and arguably the finest panties I've ever owned. Love the elastic, it makes them fit perfectly, oh and they're Carole's.

        Great topic, thanks

      • profile image

        Steve from Nebraksa 8 years ago

        I think you nailed it, I have been wear girly style panties 24/7 for 30 years. I try all the styles but always come back to the nylon brief with a double nylon quest as my favorite.

      • profile image

        strat 8 years ago

        on a big time diet so i can shop at vickys

      • profile image

        Jason 9 years ago

        Full briefs are way too high, Kayser Hi-cut bikini are great, plenty of material to hold everything in, not too big to make your ass look like the back end of a double-decker bus, nice lace lace triangle in front.

      • profile image

        wren 9 years ago

        My favs, Hi-Cut followed by the Bikini's but some of the Boy-Cuts are really comfy too!

        Hope, I think you should follow this artice up with a poll about the Best or Favorite brands.

        Anyway, yet another great post!



      • profile image

        pantieman64 9 years ago

        Been wearing panties since my teens. I found that mico-fiber to be the best every day pantie due to how well they breath,very important in my part of the country were summer is hot& humid. Calvin Klien Bikini,hipsters,& boy short seem to be unisex in the crotch. Bearlythere are also very good this way.

      • profile image

        scantilyclad 9 years ago

        Come on now as long as there panties i luv 'em!! but yes i prefer a full brief but i like cotton as i wear panties 24/7 and work in a hot enviroment, after work then i love the nylon or silky/satiny ones also, cotton again for bed with a nightdress

      • profile image

        JEFF KY 9 years ago

        I am 50 married male and I also wear Nylon and Satin Brief, bikini, string bikini, hipster, and control brief Panties 24/7 I enjoy the fit and feel of panties as well as the variety of styles and colors.

        My wife sometimes goes panty shopping with me but most of the time I go buy my own. I tend to enjoy wearing size 8 Vanity Fair, Vassarette, and Warners the most as the seem to fit the best and it seems that Vanity Fair is more of a unisex panty since the stopped sewing the front of the crotch on several of their panties and this eliminates the front seam.

        I have had some panties custom made with a double nylon gusset and the were very nice.

        As for styles I wear most I have about 6 or 7 pairs of full brief panties and they fit nice but I am like a lot of the guys that have posted here I am relatively very small down south so panties fit me almost like they were made for me, but I don't do thongs! just don't care for the butt floss.

        I just wish that more men and their wives would open up more to the fact that men do wear panties and they are not a freak or sicko because they choose to do so.

      • profile image

        hiriese 9 years ago

        I like the hgh rise the best, but then I am not sure you will undersrand.

      • profile image

        scott 9 years ago

        Yep, nylon full cut panty briefs are very nice, but honestly hi-cuts or bikinis or hipsters feel sexier and naughtier.

      • profile image

        manbreast 9 years ago

        if you go to tips for men this is a great site for us males who wear lingerie it gives feedback on all womens lingerie from the men like myself who wear them

      • profile image

        allen 9 years ago

        i love your articles i wear panties 24/7 i love nylon bikini panties with a little lace around the leg openings i am not big in the crotch area so i dont have to worry about sliding out and the snug fit of the bikini on my bottom really is nice i like to so often just reach inside my pants to rub the soft nylon of the panties on my ass well keep up the good work i also wear all lingerie love to here about teddies or babydolls i wear teddies with bras underneath to make my breast stick out by thanks keep it cummin ALLEN

      • profile image

        mgl1951 9 years ago

        for everyday panties briefs are my frist choice. I love the hanes her way full cut briefs, and the hi cut briefs. they come in many colors, have a lacy band around the top and are very affordable so you can stock up on several pairs. also look for bonus packs, buy a 5 pack and get one free, sometimes two free pairs. they fit very well and last a long time with proper washing care. now as for play time with my wife, we have fun picking out something a little more sexy! I found that walmart carries the best selection in colors and price.

      • profile image

        Mark 9 years ago

        I like full fit lycra panties that really hold everything in and feel very sexy

      • Gin Delloway profile image

        Gin Delloway 9 years ago

        I like your hub! Thank you for it!!

      • profile image

        Nanciboy 9 years ago

        For those of us who are less well endowed; a nice high cut, hip brief or hipster offers plenty of coverage without having to worry about panty waistbands showing above your pants.

        I second the recommendation of VF Illuminations. Great going to the Doctor panties if you are willing to be that out but don't want to wear anything too lacy.

      • profile image

        gigi 9 years ago

        I like hi rise panties the best, and bikinis second. I never have a problem peeking out. i am average size . I like sheer and microfiber fabrics the best

      • profile image

        ILoveLingerie 9 years ago

        I like thongs the most because I not only like the feel of panties but also the sexy look of them. Thongs just look more sexy to me than full briefs.

      • profile image

        david 9 years ago

        You sure those are Bali? Ehh doesn't matter really, they look really comfortable....and dare I say sexy?

      • profile image

        Mikki-Maine 9 years ago

        Great observations Hope... and you were close - my personal faves are nylon high cut hip briefs with full briefs a very close second. Now, that's for all day wear... for recreational purposes - that's a different story!

        Seriously now, what do you have against cotton panties? I love a soft cotton string or standard bikini panty for every day or weekend wear... they are comfortable, hygenic and with all the colors/patterns/embellishments available they are super fun!

        I guess that's why I like womens underwear so much more than mens... they are fun, flirty, sexy, pretty, elegant, stylish, comfortable (depending on purpose) and just wonderful creations of body adornment - art if you will!

      • profile image

        Bill 9 years ago

        I prefer High leg briefs and regular cut bikinis which are hard to find now a days.

        Vanity fiar "Illuminations" are great

      • profile image

        Ludovic 9 years ago

        Personnally, I like all styles, I wear the style according to my mood. Somestimes, a full brief with pantyhose under my jeans or other times, a thong with a garterbelt and stockings under my business suit.

        But definitely nylon.

      • 50 Caliber profile image

        50 Caliber 9 years ago from Arizona

        I'll say Bali comfort fit nylon breifs. Very wide crotch to keep the boys inside. 1 Pair close fit and another pair 2 sizes larger so you can get that silky slide feel as you wear them. Those are my number one choice the only dissappointment is lack of color choices.

      • profile image

        david 9 years ago

        Oooo. I like the panties in the picture. What brand are they?