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The Best Swimsuit for Your Shape

Cheryl Zaidan resides in Michigan and enjoys writing and researching about beauty, fashion and health.


Best Bathing Suits for Different Body Types

Whether you're getting ready for a summer by the pool or vacationing in a warmer climate, having a bathing suit is a necessity. But let's face it, many women dread shopping for swimsuits, and finding the right one can be a frustrating experience. By knowing and understanding your body type and what look is best for you, you can find the perfect swimsuit to flatter your figure.

The 4 Most Common Body Shapes

  1. Apple
  2. Pear
  3. Banana
  4. Hourglass

Apple Shape

Apple-shaped women carry weight in their waist and torso. Women with this body shape generally have a larger bust with narrower legs and hips.

  • Choose a swimsuit with a higher cut on the leg, which will add length to your lower half and even out your figure.
  • Suits with Lycra and spandex can pull in your waist, giving your belly a more flattened, toned look.
  • Look for suits with a v-shaped or plunging neckline
  • Also, opt for swimwear with supportive solid cups or underwire to showcase your assets while distracting from a round middle.

Pear Shape

Unlike the apple body shape, pear-shaped women usually have a smaller bust and carry weight more in their bottom half, including the legs, thighs, and buttocks. Therefore, the goal is to make your top half appear more in line with a curvier bottom.

  • If you're looking for a two-piece, look for styles that are mix and match, allowing you to buy a smaller top and larger size bottom for a comfortable fit.
  • One-piece swimsuits can also look fabulous on pear shapes.
  • Choose a suit with an attention-getting cut, color or pattern at the neckline that draws attention towards the neck and bust, and makes both the top and bottom appear balanced.
  • Avoid high-cut legs or thongs and instead opt for a suit that comes down lower on the hip and leg.

Banana Shape

Banana shapes have more athletic builds, with smaller hips and busts and less-defined waists.

  • Therefore, the trick is to find a suit that adds curves to a streamlined physique. Luckily, banana shapes can look great in both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits.
  • If you have a modest bosom, consider a padded or push-up top to add cleavage and a light lift.
  • A bottom with a low cut or boy short look will add the look of a curvy hip.
  • Avoid straight up and down, dark-colored swimsuits that can make this shape seem even straighter. Instead, experiment with bright colors and patterns.

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass figures have equal, or close to equal, measurements between the chest and the hips with a narrow, defined waist. You may think that the hourglass figure is the most enviable of them all but let's face it, no figure is perfect, and this shape can be found in anyone from a size 2 to a size 30.

However, hourglass figured girls are lucky in that they get to choose exactly what they'd like to highlight.

  • A low-cut swimsuit will showcase the bosom, while a high-cut bottom can show off a great pair of legs.
  • Hourglass figures should avoid a loud pattern on the top or the bottom and instead opt for an even pattern or solid color throughout.

Experiment and Have Fun

No matter what shape you're in, knowing what works and what doesn't on your unique shape will make you look and feel great when showing off some skin during swimsuit season. Don't be afraid to try out different looks and colors that you've previously avoided and try shopping with a friend for additional advice and support. Remember, swimsuit shopping is all about your personal style and what you feel comfortable in, so have fun with it.

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