The Walking Company Shoe Orthotics Review

Updated on November 18, 2019
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As someone new to the sport of running, I'm interested in figuring out the best footwear to keep me injury-free.

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The Walking Company Copper Metatarsal Pad
The Walking Company Copper Metatarsal Pad
The Walking Company Copper Metatarsal Pad

The Walking Company sells orthotic insoles (by Aetrex orthotics) for your shoes at their retail location stores and online. I have found they are great quality insoles that you can't find at mass 5 retail stores. They range from $44.95–$79.99, depending on the features. If you are in need of a supportive pair of insoles for everyday wear (walking or running), it is worth taking a visit to the store to try a pair on. The Walking Company shoe store has over 200 locations in the United States, and you can search for locations on the website. The assortment includes exclusive The Walking Company orthotics by Aetrex and also other Aetrex orthotics on the website.

A friend of mine bought a pair and was very happy with the support, and I thought I would give the products a try. I have been running for the past year and a half, with my first 15k race coming up in less than a month. I started getting the signs of 'runner's knee' and needed to take action and prevent any real damage. Part of my plan was to get a quality pair of insoles to prevent my knees from pronating and getting injured.

Below I describe a few of the styles offered by The Walking Company and a review of the pairs I have tried. Full-length insoles are used as a replacement for your current insoles. All Walking Company Insoles come with a 6-month warranty! If the insole wears out in 6 months or less, the store offers to replace them for free.

The Walking Company Preimum Copper Insoles

Priced at $79.95, the Copper insoles have several special features. Why copper? Copper is anti-bacterial and will keep your insoles fresh. This insole has arch support and a neutral heel cup. It is not rigid. If you are flat-footed, you may want to try on the insole with rigid heel support to compare. Many people with flat feet benefit from less flexible heel support to prevent over-pronation. The memory foam lining provides shock absorption and excellent comfort.

This is a great supportive insole for a pair of walking shoes or dress shoes. If you are working on your feet all day, the 3.5mm of memory foam is very comfortable and makes a world of difference in your shoes. Use the insole to replace the insole in your current shoes.

The Walking Company Premium Copper Metatarsal Insoles

This style is priced at $79.95, and the difference between the regular Copper Insole is the metatarsal support. This has all the same benefits as the Copper with added support in the form of the bubble-like structure on the ball of the foot. This actually sits right before the ball of the foot where the arch ends. It provides metatarsal support to distribute weight and pressure easily.

I tried this pair, and while running for 1.5 miles, I found the 'bubble' was too much for my athletic insole needs. This insole is not rigid but does provide some heel stability. I have high arches and liked this insole, but needed something different for myself.

The Walking Company Sport Orthotics
The Walking Company Sport Orthotics

The Walking Company Athletic Insoles

If you are a runner or walker desiring a great insole that will provide the support to help protect wear and tear to your knees, the Athletic insole I found was a replacement to the insoles in my running shoes. As you log miles and wear out insoles, replacements will lengthen the life of your shoes. Most of us find shoes get uncomfortable before they actually wear out the outsole. This insole is good for any type of runner. Those with running shoes featuring extra stability can benefit from supportive orthotics as well.

Priced at $59.95, this style is more structured at the base and less flexible than the Copper style but retains the great memory foam comfort. The Walking Company orthotic in Athletic is offered with a Metatarsal feature as well for the same price if you need the extra metatarsal support. This insole is recommended for those with medium to high arches. If you have pain on the ball of the foot, consider trying it with the metatarsal support.

The Walking Company Premium Posted Heel Insole

If you need a firm heel support that helps re-align your foot motion, the Premium posted heel is available with and without the Metatarsal support for $59.95. With 5mm of memory foam, this orthotic support has stick comfort padding with the added heel support. Available for men and women, this posed heel aligns the rear of the foot and can be added to athletic or dress shoes. This type of insole would be good for those who are flatfooted or neutral in their arch, and you can add the metatarsal feature if you have pain in the ball of your foot.

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      • profile image

        Mildred Mcdonald 

        3 years ago

        Bought ONE pair, FREE shipping is what WAS SAID, when I got them at 97.00 for FLIP FLOPS, they were too narrow! It cost ME $31.00 to send them back!!! I wanted a comfortable shoe but at that cost I will go somewhere else to replace them! Free shipping ONE WAY the store fails to tell customers that!

      • profile image

        cherie abbas 

        8 years ago

        i am looking for a store called working and walking

      • jeremytorres profile image


        8 years ago

        Great review! They are helpful information. THanks for sharing.


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