Ways to Attach Gloves to a Child's Coat

Updated on November 21, 2019
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Learn how to bundle kids up for the winter.
Learn how to bundle kids up for the winter. | Source

How to Prevent Mittens From Getting Lost

Children are always misplacing or losing things. Gloves are no exception. Gloves can be small and children generally fidget with them. The best way to make sure your child doesn't lose their gloves is to attach them to the child's jacket. There are a few options to choose from when attaching gloves to the child's jacket.

Emily takes you through each step to attaching gloves to a child's jacket.
Emily takes you through each step to attaching gloves to a child's jacket. | Source

1. Attach a String

One of the more popular ways to attach gloves to a child's jacket is to attach a string or cord to the gloves. You can do this with a yarn needle and some yarn. Next, thread the now stringed gloves through the arms of the jacket. This will allow the child to take the gloves off without worrying about them losing the gloves.

2. Safety Pin

Some parents will use large safety pins to attach the gloves to the wrists of the sleeves. A word of caution on this method though: Safety pins aren't always safe. They can come undone on their own and possibly injure the child.

Another way they can come undone is if the child plays with the safety pins. The best way to ensure the safety of your child is to take a pair of needle-nose pliers and pinch the end of each safety pin. This will prevent the safety pin from opening whether accidentally or on purpose.

3. Glove Clips

Glove clips are what many parents choose these days. They replace the old concept of using safety pins and are much safer. All you have to do is open the safety clip at each end to attach one end of the glove clip to the glove and the other end to the child's jacket.

The best-selling and most reliable brand of glove clips is Swanny. Glove clips are fairly inexpensive. They are typically under $8.00. Best Dressed Tot has a pair for $3.25 or two sets for $6.00.

4. Sew Them to the Jacket

A few parents decide to make gloves a permanent feature to their child's jacket. You can do this by hand sewing the gloves to the child's jacket. This way you not only won't worry about losing the gloves, but you won't have to worry about the child taking them off it freezing temperatures.

Sewing gloves to jacket sleeves.
Sewing gloves to jacket sleeves. | Source

Different Methods for Different Ages

Instead of buying pair after pair, attaching the gloves to your child's jacket is one way to not only save you the inconvenience but money as well. However, when determining which method is best for your child, first consider their age.

Sewing them to the jacket is a great idea for the younger kids. Attaching a string is good for most ages. Due to the safety hazard of safety pins, this method is probably best for older kids. Glove clips are great for any age and come in stylish colors and designs.

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