Is Stitch Fix Worth It? A Review of the Online Styling Service

Updated on October 4, 2019
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Teeuwynn has been a Stitch Fix customer for well over a year.

Stitch Fix all decorated for the holidays. What gifts could you get yourself?
Stitch Fix all decorated for the holidays. What gifts could you get yourself?

What is Stitch Fix - A Review

This online clothing sales and styling service gives you a personalized shopping experience. Stitch Fix lets you fill out a Style Profile. Next, your Personal Stylist hand picks items that work with your style, sizing, and budget. Each box has something different in it. Your curated selection of clothing, accessories, and possibly even shoes is all there for you to try in the comfort of your home.

After you’ve tried everything on, just select the items you want to keep and return the others in the prepaid USPS envelope. Stitch Fix always has free shipping and returns, even free exchanges for different sizes.

As a company, Stitch Fix opened in 2017. In June of 2018 The Motley Fool said it was a stock to buy due to its balance of using classic online retail with innovative customer service.

I got this lovely striped blue and black Market & Spruce shirt dress from Stitch Fix this October.
I got this lovely striped blue and black Market & Spruce shirt dress from Stitch Fix this October.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

If you have the money to pay for the Stitch Fix price range and frequency you desire then, in my experience, Stitch Fix does a good job providing a variety of good quality clothes and accessories from up-and-coming and known designers. The fact that you can pick a single Stitch Fix box or choose to have your box delivered monthly, every other month or quarterly gives some nice flexibility.

Stitch Fix box waiting at a door with lots of dresses and blouses and pants and goodies inside.
Stitch Fix box waiting at a door with lots of dresses and blouses and pants and goodies inside. | Source

How Do You Get a Stitch Fix?

Simply go to and follow the questions there. Read further into this article for more information on the Stitch Fix process.

Working with Your Personal Stylist

When you first start with Stitch Fix you will be matched up with a personal stylist who will put your box together. When you are giving feedback on the box's offerings you will have a chance to type in feedback to your stylist in a variety of places. Make sure to say what you really like and don’t like here. This is your chance to improve your next box.

Also, if you weren’t impressed by the stylist you were given, you can ask to try a different stylist next time. You can also specifically ask to keep your current stylist.

A typical capsule collection from Stitch Fix, personalized for his consumer.
A typical capsule collection from Stitch Fix, personalized for his consumer. | Source

What Kind of Items Do You Get in a Box?

Each Stitch Fix box is like getting a surprise gift. Generally, you will receive various items of clothing, but depending on the types of preferences you have shown your stylist you might receive some jewelry options or a pair of shoes. You will receive 5 separate items in any given box.

Some plus-sized clothes received from Stitch Fix from Nike.
Some plus-sized clothes received from Stitch Fix from Nike. | Source

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost?

Stitch Fix has a base $20 styling fee for each order. This fee is waived if you purchase any items. Shipping and returns are free.

The average clothing item for Women or Men on Stitch Fix costs $55, although you can ask for more expensive items as well, averaging up to $150-200 per item. For children, items start at $10.

The Styling Process

When you fill out your initial style profile, Stitch Fix asks you what approximate price range you want to keep your clothing items in. Stitch Fix gives you a 25% discount if you purchase all items in an order.

When you first start with Stitch Fix, you’ll answer a lot of questions about your size and proportions. These include arms, shoulders, bra, torso, hips, and legs. You can tell Stitch Fix if you have Narrow/Average/Broad shoulders or whatever category you are filling in.

You’ll also be asked about your budget and how adventurous you are with your styling. Stitch Fix then gives you a chance to tell the company what styles of clothes you prefer such as Boho, contemporary, Preppy, etc. You can click on as many clothes types as you like.

You will also be asked other types of questions about the kinds of clothes you prefer and don’t prefer and the kind of fit you like to have. Some of these include asking about how you like your clothes to fit at the top, midsection, and bottom of your body (options include tight, fitted, straight, loose, and over-sized). You also can pick different types and fits of denim you like.

You get the chance to give your opinion on colors, patterns, and material choices, as well.

Finally, you can also type up a note to your stylist telling him or her what is important to you. I wrote: “I like soft clothing. I hate all jeans. I need a neckline that is no higher than the collarbone.”

Personal Stylist at Stitch Fix

A personal stylist at the Stitch Fix office looks for great outfit combinations.
A personal stylist at the Stitch Fix office looks for great outfit combinations. | Source

What Brands of Clothes are Available?

The company works with over 250 brands with its women’s line alone. These brands include a mix of established and up-and-coming brands. Examples of brands you might find are Kut From the Kloth, Joie, Kate Spade New York, Theory, Gorjana, Eloquii, Alice and Olivia, Helmut Lang, and Citizens for Humanity. Some of these brands are available in Stitch Fix’s premium line only.

For men’s brands, Stitch Fix works with at least 30 different brands including Theory, Gorjana, 7 for All Mankind, Mavi, and Converse. Stitch Fix aims at exceptional fit and quality.

Stitch Fix offers over 40 different brands of children’s clothing. They say they emphasize quality and value. As with their men’s and women’s lines, Stitch Fix offers a mix of established and up-and-coming brands. Brands include Nike, Tailor Vintage, BCBG Girls, Hurley, Kate Spade, and Hanna Andersson.

Here are two of the brands I got in my latest Stitch Fix box, Mix and Market & Spruce
Here are two of the brands I got in my latest Stitch Fix box, Mix and Market & Spruce

What Sizes of Clothes Does Stitch Fix Carry?

Stitch Fix covers a broad variety of sizes, much more than many custom clothing delivery services. The following clothing sizes are available:

  • Women’s Sizes: 0-24W (XS-3X)

  • Petite Sizes

  • Maternity Sizes: 0-14 and S-XL plus maternity friendly clothes from size 16-24W.

  • Men’s Sizes: 28-48W (XS-3X)

  • Children’s Sizes: 2T-14

  • Shoes (up to extra wide)

  • Jewelry

What Customers Does Stitch Fix Serve?

Stitch Fix serves a variety of customers from children to women from petite to plus sizes and men in regular and plus sizes. Their clothes are fashionable, but not on the cutting edge. They have clothes that can work for both a younger and older audience as well as a career goer. Stitch Fix also works with pregnant customers to help them find wardrobe items to tide them over or work with full maternity wear.

Rebecca Minkoff jacket at Stitch Fix.
Rebecca Minkoff jacket at Stitch Fix. | Source

Where Does Stitch Fix Ship To?

The company currently ships to all 50 states and the U.S. territories. Stitch Fix has plans to expand to the United Kingdom in 2019.


Once your Stitch Fix box arrives, you have three days to decide whether you want to keep any or all of the items in your box. Take time, try them on. Try them on with other pieces in your wardrobe and make a decision. Now, if three days isn’t enough time, you can also go to the site and request an extension on the deadline and they will give it to you.

Once you have decided what items you want to keep, if any, you can use the handy USPS pre-labeled and paid for USPS bag to mail all of your returned items. (Exchanges and Shipping both ways is free.) You can drop the bag into a USPS drop box, your mailbox or the post office and you are all set.

My Review of Stitch Fix

I have been a Stitch Fix customer since February 2018. I get a Stitch Fix box every other month. They have always appeared as requested. I gave Stitch Fix all my size information and told them I like soft clothing with no higher than a scooped neckline and not really short sleeves. I also gave them some opinions on colors, patterns, and materials. I’ve asked for them to be on the cheaper end so items tend to be $35-65 with some accessories cheaper or more expensive.

As far as the pieces I’ve received, I have been generally quite pleased with them. I have had the occasional item that comes in with a pattern I said no to or a sleeve length or neck length I don’t like, but they’ve always been nice, soft clothes. Also, every piece I’ve gotten from Stitch Fix so far feels of good quality. Nothing has shown a sign of wearing down in the wash yet or popping any buttons.

I do sometimes procrastinate and I did once forget to manage my Stitch Fix so I ended up with some items I didn’t prefer. None were bad, though, and I do use them. Still, I’ve tried not to make that mistake again.

On average I keep about two items per box, which works fine for me. my wardrobe, and my budget.

Unboxing a Stitch Fix Box!

Suggestions to Get the Most out of Stitch Fix

  • BE HONEST With Yourself and Your Stylist: If there is something that’s trendy right now that you really love or hate - tell your stylist. That ups your chances of getting what you want in your box.

  • Be Willing to Try Some New Things: That’s part of what the Stitch Fix experience is all about. You have hundreds of stores at your fingertips so why not take the chance and let the stylist find something new for you. You deserve it! And if you don’t like it, you can easily return it.

  • Try the New Clothes on With Some of Your Current Clothes: Try a few different combinations. See if you see anything that works well together.

  • Make Your Decisions Early: I got caught up in this once, although you can get a Stitch Fix extension, sometimes life gets hectic and you can forget about your Stitch Fix. Then you could end up owning the whole box and not wanting everything. Bad. So, take some time within a day of the Stitch Fix’s arrival to put everything on and decide what you’re keeping. Then put the items you are not keeping in the provided bag and put them with your purse or in the car so you remember to drop it off. Then go online and give them feedback on the order and wrap it up.

  • Can I Get Nothing From a Stitch Fix? Yes, but you will still be charged the $20 styling fee that gets forgiven if you buy anything.

A Men's Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Rating Poll

How Do You Rate Stitch Fix?

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Wrap Up

If you are at all interested in trying an internet styling service, Stitch Fix is a simple way to dip your toe in the pond. They really hold your hand and you can get just one box if you want. That way, even if you decide you don't like anything and don't want to try it again, the worst thing that happens is you are out $20 for the styling fee.

However, I think there's a good chance you'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and diversity of items you find in your Stitch Fix box. Remember, the boxes tend to get better as your stylist gets to know you more.

© 2018 Teeuwynn Woodruff


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    • Teeuwynn Woodruff profile imageAUTHOR

      Teeuwynn Woodruff 

      19 months ago from Washington State

      Go on the site and look at all the different measurements and fit segments they give you. They really do try to see if you are, say, short-waisted, or have other fit concerns and work with those.

      If you try it out, let me know if it works for you!

    • Ellison Hartley profile image

      Ellison Hartley 

      19 months ago from Maryland, USA

      I have always wondered about stitch fix, how it worked and how expensive it was. It sounds like it could be fun. I'm super hard to fit though so it would be interesting to see if they could get it right! lol Great article, thanks!


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